Cuervons (クエルボン Kuerubon) are three crow-like tanks from Mega Man Legends 2 piloted by Birdbots in the fourth area of Glyde's Base in Calbania Island. Each has a different color details (red, blue and green). They attack by trying to run over enemies, swinging its wings and dropping bombs. If Mega Man Volnutt is in a place they can't reach, they will attack with machine guns.



  • They are similar to the Bonne's Blumebears, but unlike them, there is no difference between the Cuervon's stats.
  • Cuervon's name lacks an official English romanization, but its name appears to be derived from cuervo, Spanish for crow.
  • Cuervon was originally planned to be used in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, but wasn't used in the game. In the Tron ni Kobun Otakara Gappori Guide book it is shown alongside other five unused machines with the nickname "Karasu Mecha (Goggles Type)" (カラスメカ (ゴーグルタイプ)). Cuervon was later used in Mega Man Legends 2 with minor changes to its design.

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