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"I'm going to make paper dolls out of you!"
—Cut Man's catchphrase

Cut Man is one of the four main antagonists of the 1994 animated series Mega Man. He was kidnapped along with his brothers from Dr. Light's lab and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, turning him a constant thorn in Mega Man's side.


Cut Man is designed with slight differences from his video game counterpart. Like the other characters, Cut Man is portrayed as taller and more masculine rather than in anime art style. His ears are orange, his mouth is a sliding cover rather than a normal mouth, his forearms have a jagged wave pattern to them. His Rolling Cutters are either fired from his head or an arm cannon rather than thrown by him. (However, Cut Man DOES throw his Rolling Cutter with his hand in Mega-Pinocchio.)

Cut Man also has an occasional sadistic side to his personality (once expressing a desire to give Mega Man "a haircut from the neck up"), which could be further supported by his voice actor Terry Klassen doing an impression of horror movie star Peter Lorre.


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Cut Man is in every episode of the Mega Man animated series, as one of Doctor Wily's main henchmen along with Guts Man. Originally intended for logging operations, he now is used as an agent of evil by Dr. Wily. Although his Rolling Cutters are deadly, Cut Man isn't too bright, and always loses battles to Mega Man and Roll alongside Guts Man.


The Bandai Cut Man figure, with a large pair of shears.

Cut Man has his own action figure based on him. The figure has the ability to fire rolling cutters from its arm. In addition to the regular Rolling Cutter, it came with a giant pair of scissors as well.