Cutting Gyro (カッティングジャイロ), named Gyrocutter in Mega Man ZX Advent, is an enemy Mechaniloid from the Mega Man ZX series that attacks by firing two projectiles diagonally. If the cannon is destroyed first, the propellers will spin through the floor to cut enemies. It no longer releases bombs. It appears in Areas A, D and G in Mega Man ZX and in the Control Center in Mega Man ZX Advent.


No.NameDataSecret Disk location
Mega Man ZX
E11Cutting Gyro This Mechaniloid regularly fires shots in two directions. The propellers are sharp blades that will cut anything that comes in contact with them into pieces. Area B-4
Mega Man ZX Advent
E06Gyrocutter Fires ordinance in 2 directions at regular intervals. The razor-sharp propeller blade can slice through just about anything. Control Center 2

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