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Cyball (サイボール) is the boss of the Teleporter Circuit stage of Mega Man Zero 4. It consists mainly of four energy shooters, two platforms and a glowing sphere (which is also the weak point). It can use Cyber-elves and protects the Teleporter Circuit. Zero has to destroy it to be able to teleport to Ragnarok.


  • Tackle - It floats toward the player and around the platforms, in a figure 8-like p
    attern.This becomes faster after Cyball taking more damage, making it harder to avoid.
  • Cyber Amoeba - It creates three globs and sends them toward the player. One can beat these globs back until they disappear.
  • Frame Laser - It creates an electrical field around the borders of the room. As long as Zero is on the first platform he won't get hit.
  • Fourth Circle - Cyball splits into four smaller spheres that spin around in a circle as it approaches Zero and crosses the room. It is invincible from attack while doing this, and can be dodged by jumping carefully.

    Using Fourth Circle.

  • EX Skill: Parallel Laser - When faced at A-Rank or higher, Cyball's core turns pink, and fires laser blasts straight ahead, while the two energy shooters on the side of the room it stopped on also turn pink and fire additional laser blasts. These blasts can be dodged with precise jumping from platform to platform.


Cyball is quite a simple boss to defeat, but the challenge comes from the positioning of the platforms suspended over a bottomless pit. Thus, the player needs to time when to attack Cyball and when to dodge, and it is advised to take full advantage of the terrain.


Megaman Zero 4 Boss - Cyball

Megaman Zero 4 Boss - Cyball

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