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Cyber City (才葉シティ Saiba Shiti) is a city in Electopia somewhat near DenTech City. Lan Hikari and MegaMan move here from their home town of ACDC Town during the events of Mega Man Battle Network 6 when Yuichiro Hikari was transfered to work for Mayor Cain. Central Town, Green Town, Seaside Town and Sky Town are part of this high-tech city.


Cyber City is a highly technological city and often called out as being a major center of innovation and progress. Its development is said to last for quite a lot of years in future and expected to become incredibly popular as a result.

Cyber City's main theme is that each of the towns that compose it, specialize in a particular topic of research and work fully on making progress in that topic.

It thus has overall many technological elements not seen in other parts of Electopia, at the very least not seen in DenTech City.


Central Town

The principal town of Cyber City, and the place where Lan's family moves to. Central Town's speciality is next gen Net-technology and has several innovations. The CopyBot for example originates from Central Town. It seems to be a modestly urbanized area, mostly featuring normal modernized homes rather than tall buildings. Notorious sites of interest include Cyber Academy which serves as the town's main school where Lan assists, the Aster Land BattleChip Shop and the Expo Site.

Seaside Town

The Seaside Town located next to Cyber City. Seaside Town's speciality is waterworks, where research is conducted regarding the mixture of water with chemicals in order to deliver pure and clean water to people. Lan and Mick are forced to come when a lost penguin from the Aquarium got attached to Mick. Notorious sites of interest include the Aquarium, styled after a whale.
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