The Cyclone W is the sub-boss from Acid Man's stage in Mega Man 11. It is a gigantic chemical plant cleaning robot designed for underwater use with its main ability to create liquid-based cyclones. When the battle begins, it swims across the screen, propelling itself with a small cyclone generated from its backside, while waving the brushes on its front side back and forth in an attempt to hit Mega Man. It then releases a small herd of cleaning robots consisting of Droppy, Brushy, and Wipey and then quickly creates a larger cyclone that affects the entire screen and generates a whirlpool effect by increasing the water pressure, which pushes Mega Man back and makes it harder for him to move and dodge while the smaller robots swirl around the screen. Once this attack is over, the smaller robots will return to Cyclone W and it will repeat the cycle.

It is recommended to destroy as many of the smaller cleaning robots as possible (with Wipey being the hardest to do so), to make it easier to avoid getting hit during the cyclone attack despite the limited movement during the attack (which can be made easier if using Speed Gear). Due to its movement abilities underwater and its brushes can occasionally block Mega Man's shots, using rapid-fire would be a good idea, as Cyclone W is not that easy to hit.

Cyclone W's weakness is Block Dropper and can easily be destroyed in two hits if hit directly by the attack while using Power Gear and can also bypass the protection its brushes are able to give from Mega Man's normal attacks. However, the Scramble Thunder is also effective while it swims sideways and waves the brushes, creating an opening for vertical shots to pass through.


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The granddaddy of chemical plant cleaning robots. With its four mighty brushes, it can scour an acid lab clean in twenty seconds flat. Also features attachments for smaller brushes.


  • Cyclone W looks somewhat similar to Droppy, but with a much more mechanical appearance.
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