Cygnus Noise (キグナスノイズ) is the Noise Change between Mega Man and Cygnus, which formerly was EM counterpart of Cygnus Wing


Cygnus Noise's main color is teal, with darker joints and body parts. The head is designed like a swan head, the back has two small wings (which apparently can't be used for flight).


Cygnus Noise is one of the non-elemental Noise Changes, the other being Libra Noise, which shares the same Noise Force Big Bang. Cygnus Noise is viewed as a decent all-rounder Noise due to its innate boost to all non-elemental cards (making it great with Mad Vulcan cards), along with Airshoes and Floatshoes allowing the player to operate on any terrain. Its Wind boost ability becomes particularly strong when combined with Typhoon/Tornado/Hurricane Dance or Air Spread, as both boosts interact to give a net +40 boost best optimized on a multi-hitting card. When combined with Wolf Noise using a Squall-based folder, this will result in Squall 3 hitting for a net of 560 Wood and Wind damage while also having Auto Lock-On.

Noise Form

  • Air Shoes and Float Shoes - Can stand over holes and receives no negative panel effects.
  • Non-elemental cards gain +10 attack.

Vibrant Noise

  • Element: BC Element Null Null
  • Weakness: BC Attribute Sword Sword
  • Non-dimming Wind cards gain +30 attack.
  • Charge Shot: Feather Vulcan
    • Hits 3 times for (3 x Buster Attack) damage each and hits behind the point of impact. Does not flinch.
  • NFB: Meteor Light Barrage

Ability Waves

  • Charge Sever/50
  • Float Shoes/150

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