D-Rex is the boss of the third section of Sigma Palace in Mega Man X. It was supposed to be a destructive weapon with about 30 meters length based on the T-Rex (hence the name), but by the time that Sigma's hideout was invaded by X, only the head was completed, so it was converted into a tank-like Mechaniloid to be used against him.[1]

Its top can detach from the bottom, hovering in the air, and both try to crush and seriously damage X. When either section collides with a wall, it can daze X and knock him off. Both sections can also charge up massive electron spheres that inflict devastating damage. Its main weakness is the Boomerang Cutter.


D-Rex (Command Mission)

In Mega Man X: Command Mission, the D-Rex is a common, but powerful, enemy that appears in the Vanallia Desert. This D-Rex is a brownish-grey and is more dinosaur-like in appearance. D-Rex attacks with shots, Heterostorm and releases explosive miniatures called Mini Rex. Mini Rex can be prevented if D-Rex's jaw is broken with at least 11 C-type attacks.

Run away in his third turn onwards after being damaged by 11 C-type attacks. Trickstar and Stealth Mode take damage of Mini Rex.


D-Shark is a weaker and more colorful version of D-Rex found at the Tianna Camp in Mega Man X: Command Mission. D-Shark attacks with Ultra Blizzard and releases explosive miniatures. Mini Shark can be prevented if D-Shark's jaw is broken with at least 3 C-type attacks. Trickstar and Stealth Mode take damage of Mini Shark.

A D-Shark is available from the beginning in the Deployment Center.

Other Media

Archie Comics

When Sigma-1 built an army of Mavericks to defend his base on the Lost Hex in Worlds Unite, the D-Rex appeared alongside such constructs as Eregion, the D-1000, Raider Killer, and the Shadow Devil.



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