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"S-s-so let's get this p-p-party started... again! P-p-pump up the tunes that will make you... loons! W-w-what did I s-s-say?"
—DJ Jazzy, shortly before going out of control

DJ Jazzy J4-8950 is one of the four robots featured in the Mega Man comic mini-series by Dreamwave Productions. He is introduced as the DJ/sound system at the school dance until the lights inexplicably go out. He is either the innocent victim of a malfunction due to the power outage or, due to the fact that Dr. Light was kidnapped during this period, a victim of viral reprogramming for the purposes of distracting/delaying Mega Man. His power is little more than being able to play music really loud. While this is easily capable of debilitating humans, Mega Man is far less affected as he lowers the volume from his audio-receptor and activates buffers. Although his sound is strong enough to push Mega Man, he is no match for him and is defeated.