The D Glaive, also known as the Durga Glaive,[Citation needed] is a naginata-style weapon that allows Zero to perform longer-ranged attacks and can be spun to deflect enemy fire. Though possessing a much longer reach than the Z-Saber, it lacks its speed and versatility. Strictly intended as a long-ranged weapon, only the glaive's bladed end inflicts damage.

It can be obtained by defeating Splash Warfly in Mega Man X7 and in Mega Man X8 by collecting the Rare Metal in Dark Mantis' stage, and then purchasing the weapon as a Chip from Hunter Base's R&D lab for 1000 Metals (900 with the 10% Metal Discount).

Attack Damage Charts

Attack DMG Properties
First Slash 10 -
Second Slash/Thrust 8 -
Third Slash/Spin 10 -
Suiretsusen 16 A powerful, water-elemental forward thrust.

Attack DMG Boss DMG Properties
First Slash 4 2 -
Second Slash 3 2 -
Third Slash/Spin 8 3 Guard Break
Dashing Slash 6 2 -
Air Dash Slash 6 2 -
Jumping Slash 4 2 -
Double-Jump Slash 6 2 -
Wall-Cling Slash 4 2 -
Renyoudan 4 2 (8) Guard Break. Six rapid Youdantotsu thrusts.


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