Daidine (ダイダイン Daidain) is a flying scaffolding mechanism from Mega Man 5 used on the construction of bases. When Mega Man jumps on a Daidine, it will spin in a direction and stop for a brief moment, falling afterwards, apparently having no energy left. Daidines usually appear near pits and spikes. They appear in Gyro Man's stage, Stone Man's stage, Crystal Man's stage, and the third stage from Proto Man's Castle. It also appears in Stone Man's stage in the Game Gear Mega Man game.

Other media

Several Daidine are used by Robot Masters in Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 250 during the Worlds Collide crossover.

Daidine also had a brief appearance in the Rockman 5 manga.



Crunch Don's platform

  • Its name is probably derived from "dai (台)", Japanese for stage.
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