Damian Wolfe, known as Jūrō Ogami (尾上十郎 Ogami Jūrō) in Japan, is a character from the Mega Man Star Force series and the compatible human for Wolf. Damian and Wolf can EM Wave Change into Wolf Woods. He is registered as No. 011 under Project TC.

Damian is a gardener with a wild side which sometimes gets the better of him, prompting him to ask for a battle with MegaMan.

Game History

Mega Man Star Force

Damian first appears at the department store at Times Square. He needs to battle because he feels a bloodlust and needs to calm down. Geo Stelar can battle him later and get Wolf Woods cards.

Mega Man Star Force 3

Damian also appears in the third game on the roof of Echo Ridge Elementary, with Wolf as his Wizard. When Jack Corvus attacks Luna and the students, he Wave Changes with Wolf in an attempt to stall Jack Corvus until Geo and Omega-Xis arrive on the scene.

Anime History

Damian appears as the gardener of a wealthy man. He's in love with the man's daughter, whose name is Samantha. but is really shy about it. One day, the wealthy man suggested that Damian and Samantha go on a date. Samantha makes the decision to go shopping at the mall that Geo is at. While Wolf was already with Damian, he was able to keep Wolf under control, unless he sees something round.

Unfortunately, there was a competition going on at the mall where a bunch of kids including Geo were throwing balls at a target to win a prize. The sight of the balls being thrown around (even a rugby football, which is not remotely round) results in him partially transforming, and struggling to keep it under control. Eventually, Gemini Spark encounters Wolf and aids him in Wave Changing to become Wolf Woods. MegaMan and Harp Note fight him, but Gemini Spark leaves behind a nasty surprise - a ball of electricity, to resemble the full moon - and this results in Wolf Woods going berserk. In the end, Damian manages to turn back into his human form when Samantha shows up and begs him to stop. This shocks both Wolf and Omega-Xis, as they failed to comprehend how a human's mind could overpower an FM-ian.

Damian also appears with Samantha in the last episode of Shooting Star Rockman Tribe at Sonia's concert with all the other FM-ians and their compatible humans.


Damian is derived from the Greek name Damianos which, in turn, is derived from the Greek word Damao, meaning "to tame." This, and his surname Wolfe, are both references to his wild and wolf-like personality, although he can be anything but tame when Wave Changed.

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