Dark Moon (ダークムーン Dāku Mūn) is a devil type robot boss from Mega Man V. After the defeat of the first four Stardroids, Terra orders Dark Moon to destroy Mega Man to avenge his fallen comrades. Dark Moon is five blocks tall.


Dark Moon attacks by separating his body into parts that move one by one to the other side of the screen on this pattern:

13 9 4 X
12 7 5 X
15 11 8 1
16 14 6 2
10 X X


The bottommost layer can be avoided by jumping, while the second is by sliding. The third, fourth and fifth will always be high enough to miss automatically. After reupholstering, he advances five steps and open his eye which shoots three energy shots. Like many Devils, he can only be damaged in the eye, this time only when it is opened. He then splits himself again in the same pattern. But since they are too high to hit Mega Man, from the second time he splits on, his two top layers will bounce to hit Mega Man. His weakness is the Photon Missile, and it can be put as a trap before he opens his eye to damage him and attacking him more, although it may take some time to fly. But the Mega Arm is also a good option for the player, especially if the player has already purchased the CL upgrade. Through use of the Mega Arm strategy, it is possible to hit him twice, a rarity among Devils. But through the use of the Photon Missile, it may be possible to hit him up to three times.

Other Media

Dark Moon in Mega Man Gigamix.

In the Mega Man Gigamix manga series, Dark Moon appears as a moon summoned by Terra to feed off the hope and despair of the people, steadily growing larger in the process. After Terra's defeat, Dark Moon opens up, revealing itself to be the incubator for Sunstar.


Concept artwork



  • In Mega Man Gigamix, Dark Moon bears a strong resemblance to Ra Moon, which also has a Devil called New Yellow Devil.

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