For his video game counterpart, see Speedy Dave.

Dave, known as Daisuke Hayami (速見ダイスケ Hayami Daisuke) in Japan, is a character in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. The operator of QuickMan, Dave is a minor antagonist during the Grave story arc.


Much like his video game counterpart, Dave served as a member of Grave, though his character was toned-down and is not as extreme as he was in Mega Man Battle Network 2.


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From within the episode that he appeared in, it's revealed that he was a childhood friend of Sal and loved nature just as much as she did. As a kid, Dave vowed to Sal that he will someday grow up to be a park ranger so that he could help preserve the natural environment. Sal has always been supportive of Dave's idealism, and is also shown to have a crush on him when she introduces Dave to her friends while blushing and stuttering.

Dave sought to protect nature so much that he joined Grave to do it. Under the name of "Earth Avenger", he was ordered by Grave to destroy the dam, and attempted to do so by reversing the spin of the turbines. Sal attempts to stop her friend, but is defeated and becomes his hostage. After QuickMan was disarmed by MegaMan, Dave unties Sal and reveals that he was merely bluffing and was only trying to scare the people in charge of the dam to take better care of nature. Though CutMan attempts to finish the job, MegaMan deletes him and QuickMan is able to stop the turbines before any serious damage is done. Dave leaves (likely fleeing from both the authorities and Grave, as he is both a criminal and a traitor), but not before saying goodbye to Sal.