Death Rogumer (デスログマー Desu Rogumā) is the mothership from the Maverick Hunters 7th Airborne Unit.[1] When Sigma became a Maverick, the airship was used to attack a highway in the Opening Stage of Mega Man X. Road Attackers emerge from it, as does Vile with a Ride Armor. When his Ride Armor is damaged by Zero, Vile returns to the airship and escapes. Later, this airship is where X and Storm Eagle do battle on during that particular boss battle. X's entrance into the boss fight actually damages the ship, and after Storm Eagle is beaten, it crashes into Spark Mandrill's location, the Electromagnetic Power Plant, and the destruction caused cripples its functionality. Death Rogumer's remains can be seen in the beginning of Spark Mandrill stage. The Death Rogumer later reappears along with Storm Eagle in Mega Man Xtreme as a data recreation.

In Mega Man X, a large Life Energy and large Weapon Energy can be found on the purple wing to the right of the platform that carries X into the fight. X can obtain these by going behind the gray engine, and then slipping down. This does not work in Mega Man Xtreme, as the wing is not solid and will cause X to fall to his death. In Mega Man X, Death Rogumer has two unique cannons on its top. In Mega Man Xtreme it has Turn Cannons. The items and cannons are absent in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, with the battle against Storm Eagle starting when X reaches Death Rogumer.

Other media

In the Rockman X manga and Irregular Hunter Rockman X, X fought against Storm Eagle above a different airship. In Irregular Hunter Rockman X, the airship was used by a group of Maverick Hunters led by Storm Eagle to transport Ball De Vouxs, Hoganmers, Gun Volts, and Sky Claws to fight against Mavericks. Parts of the Death Rogumer are seen on the Variant Cover of Mega Man Issue 40 (Archie Comics).



  • Death Rogumer's design resembles a ray-finned fish, and its name may be derived from maguro, Japanese for tuna.
  • On the Stage Select Screen in Mega Man X, the Death Rogumer can be seen in the background of Storm Eagle's stage preview. After he is defeated, it disappears from the preview.
    • Furthermore, when revisiting the stage, X will automatically warp out before reaching the area where he would cross several falling platforms to board the Death Rogumer, instead of simply warping out upon reaching the boss room like in the other stages.
  • Death Rogumer had a propeller under it during the development of the first Mega Man X.[2]


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