Meikai Gundan Emblem

The Deep Sea Squadron (冥海軍団 Meikai Gundan, lit. "Dark Ocean Corps") is Neo Arcadia's navy. It is home to water and ice based Reploids, and is led by Fairy Leviathan.

Known Members

Z1LeviathanMugshot Fairy Leviathan: the leader of the Deep Sea Squadron. One of the Four Guardians.
Z1 GaneshariffMugshot Maha Ganeshariff: Mutos Reploid responsible for the storage and distribution of information for the Deep Sea Squadron. He was built to be a data server that can not only transport information, but defend itself if necessary.
Z1BlizzackMugshot Blizzack Staggroff: Mutos Reploid that enjoys painfully dismantling captured Reploids under the guise of "questioning" them. He was stationed on a secret installation near the Resistance Base.
Z2PolerMugshot Poler Kamrous: Mutos Reploid in charge of a computer database in the South Pole that controls Neo Arcadia's defense system.
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