One of the Deep Space Wave Roads, where Mega Man battles a Satellite Admin.

Deep Space (うちゅうくうかん Uchuukuukan) is a bonus area in Mega Man Star Force, which is connected to Vista Point. According to Omega-Xis, the Wave Road of Deep Space is located in the center of the galaxy. In this area the player must defeat the SP versions of all FM-ians in the game to open the locked purple doors. The final battle in the Deep Space EM-Road is against Leo Kingdom, Pegasus Magic or Dragon Sky (who depends on the version of the game being played), in their real forms (not the shadow forms the player fights during the storyline).

In addition, an area locked by a door made by Kelvin Stelar, contains his Transer and a note to his son, Geo Stelar, saying that he must cherish his bonds with his friends (which oddly enough is opened only when the player has no Brothers at all). Alternatively, the door can also be opened if the player obtains an item called the Lonelyheart which can be obtained by taking an invisible path in the Living Module on the space station, pulsing into the living module comp (it's shaped like a big cylinder), and answering NO to the Mr. Hertz's question inside the comp. The invisible path can be located in the far southern area of the EM-Wave Road in the Living Module.

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