Dejira (デジラ) is a small and fast Mechaniloid shaped like an arrowhead. It appears as an enemy in Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5.

In Mega Man X4 it appears in the first half of the Bio Laboratory, Split Mushroom's stage. They quickly fly in the player's direction to cause damage, turn around and leave the area.

In Mega Man X5, Dejira creeps in surfaces instead of flying. It appears in Tidal Whale's stage and the fourth Zero Space stage, and simply hover forward to attack and run away. While it has the same color as Dejira GR, they are not the same.[1]

Dejira GR

Dejira GR (デジラGR) is a red Dejira that is mainly used for aquatic combat. It is periodically launched in sets of three from U-555's mouth in Mega Man X5.


The name Dejira may be derived from the Japanese word kujira (クジラ, whale).


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