DenTech City, known as Densan City (デンサンシティ) in Japan, Den City for short, is a location from the Mega Man Battle Network series. Towns like DenTown and Lan's home town of ACDC Town are located within its boundaries.



  • Densan is an abbreviation of the Japanese word denshikeisanki, which means "electronic computer".
  • Apparently, DenTech City would be a parody of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, based on the following factors:
    • Both are cities known for high technology.
    • Like Tokyo, DenTech City is divided into small towns/districts, some of which are parodies of real Tokyo cities/districts, like ACDC Town, which is a parody of Akihabara, the neighborhood of electronics and Japanese pop culture; DenDome, which is a parody of the legendary Tokyo Dome arena; DenTown, which is a parody of Central Tokyo (the central area of ​​Tokyo), among others.
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