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Plan to Turn Densan City Antarctic! is the thirty-sixth episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime, and was adapted into the English dub's twenty-ninth episode, Dentech City's Deep Freeze.


DenTech City is suffering a powerful heat wave! Luckily a new personal air conditioner arrives just in time to keep everyone cool. But a Grave general, a NetNavi called FreezeMan, uses their power to freeze DenTech City, and the weather flips from heat wave to blizzard! When his friends are turned to ice, Lan, convinced the cause of the freeze is in NetCity, plods through the frozen streets desperately searching for some place to jack in MegaMan But once in NetCity, MegaMan is overpowered by the fearsome FreezeMan! Just as MegaMan is on the verge of defeat, a mysterious new NetNavi, HeatMan, arrives to challenge FreezeMan. But who is HeatMan, anyway?[1]



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