"Stories of you Class S Hunters have always fascinated me... Now let's see if you live up to your name!"
―Depth Dragoon, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Depth Dragoon (デプスドラグーン Depusu Doragūn) is a Maverick Hunter belonging to the Far Eastern command base under Colonel Redips. He has a rather strange appearance of an armored, seahorse knight sitting atop a fish-like lower body that appears to be based on a ribbonfish. While encountered on dry land, it would appear Depth Dragoon can hover weightlessly, perhaps in a manner similar to Ferham's magnetic or gravity flight. In battle, Depth Dragoon can increase his own parameters (stats) similar to the way the player can with boost items; this increases his difficulty greatly and should be avoided if possible. Personality-wise, he seems to be quite confident in himself as a dispenser of justice, based on comments such as "The guilty shall be punished!" in his encounter with the party. He fought against X's party, partially to defend Redips from them, but mostly because he wanted to see if they lived up to the name of a Class S Hunter.



When encountered by X

Depth Dragoon: Oh! Yes, I see... I suppose traitors always travel in packs? First, you fail to steal the Supra-Force Metal... I thought Colonel Redips finished you off... What are you doing here?!

X: Move aside. Our business is with Redips. We're not interested in wasting our time with small fries like you!

Depth Dragoon: Well, even if you don't want to fight, I do! Stories of you Class S Hunters have always fascinated me... Now let's see if you live up to your name!

In-battle lines for Depth Dragoon

  • "I'll take ya on!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "No use!" (When using a boost move, Ultra Giga/Tera Thunder, Electromagnetic Field or Hell Gravity)
  • "Hey!" (When using Thunder Clap)
  • "Attaaaack!" (When using Destructive Blow)
  • "The guilty shall be punished!" (When using Thunder Brigade)
  • "That really hurt!" (When hit with a Critical attack)
  • "It seems... I have lo-ost..." (Upon defeat)



Vs. Depth Dragoon
Megaman X Command Mission Depth Dragoon

Megaman X Command Mission Depth Dragoon


  • The word "Dragoon" in his name could be in reference to the mounted infantry and light cavalry regimes established in most European armies during the late 17th and early 18th century.
  • Also, there was another "Dragoon" in X4 that served as the 14th Maverick Hunter Unit, except with Fire/Ground elements and attacks.
  • Although the explosion effect still occurs after his defeat, Dragoon still appears intact, albeit comatose.
  • The music used during the fight with him is actually Steel Massimo's theme music, "Massimo of Steel".  Another boss, Duckbill Mole, shares this theme as well.
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