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Depth Dragoon is a Maverick Hunter belonging to the Far Eastern command base under Colonel Redips. He has a rather strange appearance of an armored knight sitting atop a fish-like lower body that appears to be based on a ribbon fish. Though his helmet has hints of a seahorse. While encountered on dry land, it would appear Depth Dragoon can hover weightlessly, perhaps in a manner similar to Ferham's magnetic or gravitiy flight. In battle, Depth Dragoon can increase his own parameters (stats) similar to the way the player can with boost items; this increases his difficulty greatly and should be avoided if possible. Given his stationing in the Far East HQ, it is possible Depth Dragoon was a hunter of an A or S rank. Also, based on Steel Massimo's best weapon being on Dragoon's person to steal and Massimo's music being played during the battle, there may be some connection between Dragoon and Massimo. Personality-wise, he seems to be quite confident in himself as a dispenser of justice, based on comments such as "The guilty shall be punished!" in his encounter with the party. He doesn't seem to be related to Magma Dragoon.

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