This article is about the Darkloid DesertMan.EXE. For his video game counterpart, see DesertMan.EXE. For his Asteroid counterpart, see Asteroid DesertMan.EXE.

DesertMan.EXE (デザートマン Dezātoman) is an antagonist in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. One of the Darkloids spawned from darkness under ShadeMan, DesertMan fights against MegaMan and his friends as he tries to tear down the world to make it a place solely for Darkloids.




MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

DesertMan appears and fights MegaMan and Lan while they're with Cross Fusion and nearly deletes them by luring them into an enclosed room and filling it with sand. However, a timely arrival by Chaud and ProtoMan saves them when they use Cross Fusion for the first time and drive him away. CrossFusion for All!

Later, he using a Dark Aura to cloak viruses to steal bank data, making everyone think they're ghosts. When MegaMan fights DesertMan, he is caught off-guard and suspended over lava. SearchMan is ordered by Raika to sacrifice MegaMan to delete DesertMan, but SearchMan is unable to, and ends up taking heavy damage. He disobeys orders to save MegaMan, and the two develop a bond, creating Search Soul. Even with the power of a Dark Chip and becoming invisible, DesertMan is defeated by Search Soul's superior tracking ability. SearchSoul!

He reappears later looking for Dark Chips and his data is deteriorating. He gets caught by the NetPolice and is imprisoned in a cell, however he has gained a powerful addiction to Dark Chips. FlashMan is sent by ShadeMan to find him. At the same time, Keifer and Manuela are captured by Nebula when a virus takes over their car and drives them into a compacter. The NetPolice do an exchange: DesertMan for the NetPolice chief. Once DesertMan is free, FlashMan deletes him because he is considered useless, but before dying, DesertMan assured FlashMan that he would suffer the same fate. Dark Secret

After deletion, DesertMan was revived by Dr. Regal along with all of the other deleted Darkloids for the sole purpose of attacking the NetPolice and ensuring the destruction of Control X (which was being used by the NetSavers to help locate Regal's secret space satellite), but once again he is deleted by MegaMan using Guts Soul. The Great NetPolice Battle!

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