Mega Man in front of destructible blocks

Not to be confused with Appearing Blocks.

Destructible blocks are obstacles in games from the original Mega Man series that are generally destructible with some form of Special Weapon other than the Mega Buster. Generally, these blocks are geometrical in appearance, and sometimes have a square pattern on them. Usually, the blocks open different paths or have helpful items like recovery items, Tanks, Bolts, and even extra lives behind them. In the Wily Tower game, the destructible blocks can only be destroyed by the weapon from the block's original game (so the blocks from Mega Man 2 can only be destroyed by the Crash Bombs, not the Hard Knuckle, for example).


GutsBlock Mega Man Super Arm or
Thunder Beam
Cut Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, Wily Stage 1, Wily Stage 3
Mega Man 2Crash Bomber Flash Man, Heat Man, Wily Stage 2, Wily Stage 3, Wily Stage 4
Mega Man 3Hard Knuckle Wily Stage 1, Wily Stage 3
Mega Man 4Drill BombWily Stage 1
Mega Man 6 Charged punch from Power Mega Man Knight Man, Wind Man, Yamato Man, Tomahawk Man, Plant Man, Blizzard Man, Flame Man, Mr. X stage 1
Mega Man 9Laser Trident Wily Castle 2
Mega Man 10Commando Bomb Blade Man, Solar Man, Wily Castle 2 and 3
Mega Man: The Wily Wars Same from
Mega Man 1-3
Super Arm/Thunder Beam: Wily Tower 1
Crash Bomber: Buster Rod. G, Wily Tower 1, Wily Tower 2
Hard Knuckle: Mega Water. S, Hyper Storm. H
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Atomic FireWily Stage 2
Mega Man IIIDrill Bomb
MMIVBlock Mega Man IVCharge KickWily Battleship
Mega Man VBreak DashUranus
Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha
Barrier Wind
Forte Cyclone
Opening Stage, Clock Men

A block from Blade Man's stage in Mega Man 10

Mega Man Powered Up

Mega Man Powered Up has the Break Container (破壊コンテナ), a destructible block that has eight varieties. With one exception, each of the Break Containers are vulnerable to only one Special Weapon.

Guts Man can pull the Super Arm type blocks from the ground anytime when playing as him in New Style, being able to throw them or use them as platforms. The Thunder Beam can only destroy the Super Arm blocks in Old Style.

MMPUBreakContainer These containers can be destroyed by any type of attack. They're very basic.
MMPUBreakCC These containers can only be destroyed by Cutman's Rolling Cutter.
MMPUBreakCG These containers can only be lifted using Gutsman's Super Arm technique.
MMPUBreakCI These containers can only be destroyed by Iceman's Ice Slasher.
MMPUBreakCF These containers can only be destroyed by Fireman's Fire Storm.
MMPUBreakCT These containers can only be destroyed by Timeman's attacks.
MMPUBreakCO These containers can only be destroyed by Oilman's Oil Slider.
These containers can only be destroyed by Bombman's Hyper Bomb

Mega Man 11


Mega Man 11 introduces an exploding variety of destructible blocks found only in Blast Man's stage and the second level of Gear Fortress. Mega Man can destroy these blocks by touching the red laser beams, knock a Shimobey into one, or by using Blazing Torch or Chain Blast. Unlike the other destructible blocks, the explosive variants act as temporary platforms before detonating. Also if they are nearby, a Fire Server can detonate the destructible blocks if their fire-based attack lands on a block.

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