"Kekeke! The first lesson a gentleman must learn in refinement is... Intruders are to die without a fuss!"
―Devilbat Schilt, Mega Man Zero 3

Devilbat Schilt, known as Hellbat Schilt (ヘルバット・シルト Herubatto Shiruto) in Japan and Europe, is one of the bosses of Mega Man Zero 3, a Mutos Reploid based on a bat that was originally created as a reconnaissance unit. He is one of the Eight Gentle Judges that was modified by Dr. Weil as one of the Weil Numbers. He is the Right Thunder Judge (右雷審官 Urai Shinkan)[3]. He doesn't get along with Blazin' Flizard and Childre Inarabitta.[Citation needed] He is a gentleman and likes good manners, and considers Zero a barbarian trying to defy Weil. Zero has the mission to destroy a factory that was repairing weapons, and fights Schilt.

An image of Schilt appears in Mega Man Zero 4 as one of Dr. Weil's first form attacks, using his Thunder Reverb attack. He also appears as a secret boss in Area N of Mega Man ZX if a Mega Man Zero 3 cartridge is in the Nintendo DS or by activating the Zero 3 link in the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection re-release.


Schilt regularly vanishes to defend himself, and attacks by releasing several miniature versions of himself from his armored cape, using sound waves, releasing electric spheres, and if the player has Rank A or S, he will use Laser Creeper, where he shoots three electric beams that hit the ground and send electric balls running through the floor and walls. If hit with a charged Recoil Rod, he will be knocked back.

Defeating him will give the player the Thunder Body Chip, and if the player has rank A or S, the Saber Smash ability.


During the battle, Schilt teleports randomly to another location of the room.

Attack Description Notes
Bat Shower Schilt summons a swarm of tiny versions of himself that fly offscreen whilst flying at Zero.
Thunder Reverb Schilt land on the floor then fires four electric orbs that bounce off the wall once before disappearing.
Echo Wave Schilt reveals all his wings sending electric projectiles bouncing around the room.
EX Skill: Laser Creeper (レーザークリーパー) Schilt hangs from the ceiling and teleports around in one of three places at random, firing three electric beams from his ears that turn into three energy balls that crawl across the room. He will teleport to avoid Zero while attacking. He will recoil and take more damage than usual attacked with a charged Ice Chip.


Mission: Destroy Factory
Zero's EX Skill: Saber Smash (Rakusaiga)

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In-Battle Quotes

Line Rōmaji Translation Usage
目障りだ! Mezawari da! You eyesore!
("Get out of my sight!" in Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works)
At the start of the battle.
フッフッフフフフ... Fuffuffufufufu... Fufufufufufu... Disappearing
下僕よ! Shimobe yo! My servants! Performing his Bat Shower attack
はっ! Ha! Ha! Using Thunder Reverb
至福の音よ! Shifuku no oto yo! Music to my ears! Performing his Echo Wave attack
赦しを請うのです! Yurushi wo kou no desu! Beg for forgiveness! Performing his Laser Creeper attack
ケヒヒッ… Kehihi... Kehehe... Hit by an ice attack
キヒッ!? Kihi!? Kihii!? Defeated
せっかくの優雅な時間を…目障りだ! Sekkaku no yūga na jikan wo... Mezawari da! How dare you disturb my peace and quiet... You eyesore! His pre-battle line, when encountered at Area N of Mega Man ZX.



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