Diary Alouette's Good Day Mega Man Zero Audio Drama

Diary Alouette's Good Day Mega Man Zero Audio Drama

Diary_Alouette's Good Day with English subtitles

Diary_Alouette's Good Day is one of the drama tracks included in the album Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero - Telos. It focuses on Alouette's search of name suggestions for the Baby Elves Crea and Prea.


The story is set during the events of Mega Man Zero 2, after Zero's return from the Forest of Dysis.

It starts with Alouette talking to the Baby Elves in Ciel's quarters, when she decides to name the pair. She asks Ciel for suggestions, but since Ciel is too focused on her research for new energy, Alouette leaves to ask the other Resistance members for ideas.

She talks to the operators Rouge and Joan, who make several suggestions until they start to criticize each other relentlessly. Scared off by their bickering, Alouette decides to ask Andrew instead. The old Reploid starts telling Alouette about the two human children he met in the past during a tenure as a school teacher. However, Andrew is eventually too wrapped up in his own story, so Alouette proceeds to ask the passing by Zero for suggestions. Oblivious to Alouette's feelings, Zero merely recounts the details of his mission in the Forest of Dysis and the Mutos Reploid (Hyleg Ourobockle) he fought. Disgruntled, Alouette runs off calling Zero a "dummy".

The disheartened Alouette is eventually approached by Ciel, who apologizes for not giving her attention earlier. The two start discussing the Baby Elves and Alouette expresses her wishes that the two elves can help everyone by creating new energy. Ciel is inspired by Alouette's words and proposes that the elves are named after the Reploid girl's desires, coming up with the names "Crea" and "Prea" for the words "create" and "pray". Alouette likes the idea and runs off with Ciel to tell the Baby Elves right away.


  • Rouge's suggestion, "Azul Luna and Rojo Sol" is a reference to the Blue Moon and Red Sun versions of Mega Man Battle Network 4, which may incidentally be connected to the GBA version of Mega Man Zero 3 to unlock special features.
  • Another of Rouge's suggestions is "Crime and Punish", which she explains to be a reference to the novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. She also refers to books as "recording media used by humans in previous generations".
  • Andrew makes a few observations about humans and Reploids in this track; while Reploid children can to learn faster than humans, they cannot sing like humans since they can only replay voice data.
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