Concept artwork of Diggers from Mega Man Legends 3.

Digger, known as Digouter (ディグアウター Diguautā) in the Japanese games, is an occupation in the world of the Mega Man Legends series. Diggers are those who explore the ancient ruins found below ground all over Terra (Earth), in search for Refractors (a powerful source of energy) and other useful items such as valuables and ancient technology.[1] Going in a digout is very dangerous due to the traps and hostile Reaverbots found in ruins, and as such Diggers must be licensed to enter many of the ruins.

While all kinds of Diggers exist, they are predominantly young males. Additionally, it is also common for Diggers to have parts of their bodies modified or replaced with tools and weapons. In some cases it may also be to patch up injuries.


Although there are a variety of reasons that may motivate a Digger to enter ruins, they are not mere treasure hunters. Respectable Diggers retrieve Refractors and other technology from the ruins for the good of society. Most civilization makes use of Holon technology that was left behind by the ancients, and high quality Refractors are needed provide utilities to cities and power many kinds of machines. Thus, civilization is very dependent on the work of Diggers.[2] Diggers who are motivated by greed and fortune and don't respect the laws are predominantly Air Pirates. Many Diggers seek for the legendary Mother Lode, a treasure rumored to be so great that were it discovered, it would provide so much power that the world need never fear of running out of energy and will make its owner rich.

As a team

Diggers seldom work alone due to the dangers in ruins. In many cases, one will enter the ruin while the other monitors the state of the ruin from the outside, providing information about Reaverbot signals and where to go. The Digger who enters the ruin is known as the Main Diver (メインダイバー), or in some cases leading diver. The Digger who stays behind in the ground to monitor the ruin and give support is called the Spotter, or in some cases the Operator (オペレーター).

Notable Diggers and Teams


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