Rei Saiko's Dimensional Chip.

A Dimensional Chip is a Battle Chip utilized by Asteroids to materialize in the real world without the use of a Synchro Chip or Dimensional Area. Upon Slur.EXE giving a operator an Asteroid, she also gives them a Dimensional Chip, though most of the time the operator is unaware of what it does until the Navi commands them to use it, usually claiming it will help turn the tides of the battle, only for the Asteroid to materialize before them and begin causing havoc in the real world. Materialized Asteroids stand several feet high and are much larger than any human.

As shown in episode 19, the Dimensional Chip has the ability to bend a Navi to its will if it goes against what its’ original operator wishes. This happens when Asteroid NapalmMan refuses to help Domon Atsuki commit crimes through explosions, and he used NapalmMan’s Dimensional Chip to send him on a rampage. However, the effects seem to be temporary, or NapalmMan was able to get a hold of himself because of Nenji Rokushakudama, as he quickly comes to his senses.

ShadeMan once used Rush to create the Rush Synchro Chip, which acted similar to a Dimensional Chip by allowing ShadeMan to materialize in the real world without any extra help.


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