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"This vulcan has good range and speed, but cannot fire rapidly."
―In-game text, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Distance Needler (ディスタンスニードラー Disutansu Nīdorā) is an Arm-type vulcan weapon that Vile obtains by defeating Chill Penguin in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. This weapon has similarities to Cherry Blast, but it fires slower and consumes more weapon energy. However, its range is at least full-screen, perhaps more. The shots have piercing properties and can go through multiple enemies, even if it doesn’t destroy them. This means that the player can damage things like shielded enemies from the front.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units for Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

MHX-Icon-Vile-Arm-DistanceNeedler Distance Needler
Boss Damage
Mega Man X 4
Chill Penguin 3
Spark Mandrill 6
Armored Armadillo 3
Launch Octopus 3
Boomerang Kuwanger 3
Sting Chameleon 3
Storm Eagle 3
Flame Mammoth 3
Bosspider 6
Rangda Bangda 3
Mega Man X 2*
Zero 2
  • Any damage value marked with a "*" means that the weapon will cause a weakness reaction for that boss.
    • In Mega Man X's case, in his second encounter in Sigma Palace, any damage entries marked with a "*" will break through his Rolling Shield.