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"I've upgraded the support equipment on the boat--I should be able to act as your Spotter from here, too! I wonder if that old fellow used to be a Digger too..."
—Roll Caskett

The Diving Boat (潜水ボート Sensui Bōto)[1] is a boat from Mega Man Legends. The boat has a sonar and support equipment that is upgraded by Roll Caskett, allowing her to act as Mega Man Volnutt's Spotter from it.

When the Bonne family stole all of Wily's boats in his boat house, this broken boat is the only one left. To reach the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate, which is in a small island from the lake in Kattelox Island, Mega Man called Roll to repair the boat using the large Yellow Refractor that he had found in the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate. As thanks for repairing his boat, Wily allows them to use it for free any time they want.

The first time Mega Man and Roll go to Lake Jyun, the Bonne family attacks the boat with Draches, Such Geräts, and the Balkon Gerät to take Mega Man out of their way. Mega Man fights them from the top of the boat, and he must protect it from their attacks to avoid sinking.



  • During development, the aquatic transport was originally planned to be the Support Car remodelled into an amphibian hovercraft.[1]
  • Although not shown in the game, the boat's name suggests that it is able to dive like the Such Geräts.
  • If the boat's health is depleted, Roll will say "we're taking too many hits" in an almost casual way before the Game Over screen appears in the North American version. In the Japanese version, she will nervously say "it's no use" and screams in panic before the Game Over screen.
  • This boat's texture is present in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.[2]


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