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This article is about the original Dr. Wily. To see information on his different counterparts, see Wily.
"You forget, Megaman. Robots cannot harm humans..."
―Dr. Wily, Mega Man 7
"Your objections wouldn't stifle me forever! I have perfected my design! And now we'll see who was right all along!"
―Dr. Wily, Mega Man 11

Doctor Albert W. Wily (Dr.アルバート・W・ワイリー Dokutā Arubāto W Wairī), known simply as Dr. Wily or just Wily, is the main antagonist of the original Mega Man series, appearing in almost all games, and the overarching antagonist of the Mega Man X series. He is a human scientist and both primary rival to Doctor Thomas Light and arch-nemesis to Mega Man. He aspires to conquer the world with his robot army lead by his Robot Masters, though he is always defeated by Mega Man.



Wily talking with Gravity Man about his past in the 4Koma manga

A brilliant scientist, Wily showed a passion in pushing the future of technology and robotics no matter what the cost to the robot, a trait that he held throughout his entire life. He has a Ph.D in Electronic Engineering from the Robert University of Technology, and is a five consecutive year runner-up of the LIT Manual Design Contest, and has won the silver prize at the World Technology Award and was a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Wily is shown to be hot-headed, prideful, and resentful, even as a student. These traits eventually evolved into pure hatred and evil, driving him in his bid for world domination and in his fight against Dr. Light. Using various machines and Robot Masters to fight his nemesis Mega Man, he often begged insincerely for mercy after being defeated by him before escaping to avoid being taken to prison.

In their youth, he and Thomas Light used to be good friends, but his Double Gear System was passed over in favor of Light's research into sentient thought in robots (which Wily passed off as "empty optimism") due to how dangerous Wily's Double Gear system could be to a robot's internal systems as well as to others if misused; according to Dr. Light he went as far as to advocate against Wily's research. Conversely, Light believed that his own research into giving robots independent thought would let them become "true partners to humankind", whereas Wily continued to believe that robots, free-thinking or not, would "never be more than tools" unless they had "the power to outdo humans" and become, in his words, heroes. However, Light's efforts were successful in stymieing Wily's research, and Wily grew resentful of his former colleague and friend, and became a bitter rival to him. Wily eventually begins scheming to take over the world by creating, reprogramming, and infecting dozens of robots to help him, and though these schemes were stopped time and time again by Mega Man, this did not stop him from trying and being recorded in history as a legendary mad scientist.

In truth, Wily's goal of world domination isn't driven by ambition or a lust of power, but rather by his ego. Constantly eclipsed by Dr. Light, who also was a deciding factor in stopping further research of the Double Gear system, deeply embittered Wily into a personal vengeance against Light and by extension his creations, constantly trying to sabotage and repurpose them for his own ends, throwing mud at Dr. Light's name while trying to have Mega Man destroyed, all in order to establish himself as the superior scientist. When beaten in Mega Man 11, he stubbornly refused to accept his defeat, denying that Mega Man beat him and that it was in fact his own Double Gear research that caused him to lose, proclaiming himself a genius.

Wily's rivalry with Light would continue even into the next century well after his death, as he even appears consciously active in the Mega Man X series through the use of the Maverick Virus and robotic bodies. In Mega Man X4, Wily tells Zero[2] that his rivalry with his nemesis (presumably Dr. Light and/or Mega Man) is what gives him motivation in life. It might be assumed that as time passed, Wily became more interested in having Zero defeat X to prove that his last creation is superior to the one created by his rival rather than conquering the world.

As diabolical as he may be, Wily has exhibited rare moments of decency and goodness in his character. In Super Adventure Rockman, Wily shows concern for Mega Man when he uses two Mega Busters to win a battle despite possibly expending all of his power. He also tells Ra Moon that he loves his creations.[3] In Mega Man 10, he leaves enough medicine to cure the Roboenza virus, presumably out of gratitude that Mega Man saved his life. In Mega Man 11, it was also revealed that one of his earliest motives for acting as a robotics scientist was ultimately a desire to do good, and that his Double Gear System proposition was largely an attempt to allow even robots to be heroes, but the sting of rejection by Dr. Light as well as the scientific community led to him becoming very bitter and more extreme in his thinking, which ultimately made him a fairly tragic character. In addition, despite Wily's hatred for Dr. Light, he does not wish to injure him, never attempting to cause harm despite having the opportunity, like capturing him in Mega Man 5 and having Bass only steal his plans in Mega Man 7. To a lesser extent, he was also shown to be horrified when witnessing Mega Man being infected with the Evil Energy in the ending of Mega Man 8. However, his attempts at keeping Dr. Light safe might be partially motivated by his desire to see him defeated to prove his own superiority.

In all, Wily is a dynamic character. Though he is usually shown as seemingly pure evil, even he is not without a few reputable traits. Prior to the first Mega Man, before his descent towards insanity, Wily was shown to be an ordinary and diligent, yet petty, scientist. Even though he is rarely depicted in the games prior to his turn towards evil, in most media in which this period of his life is depicted Dr. Wily is shown to have been genuinely helpful to Dr. Light, though he still harbored a tinge of jealousy towards his former friend and colleague.



Front, side, and rear view of Wily.

In Mega Man, Wily's character artwork depicts him as having a curly, balding hairstyle, as well as a curly thick moustache and being slightly pudgy with a white lab coat, a blue dress shirt and green tie, dark blue pants, and gray loafers. The design eventually evolved over time to have his hair stylized in his more trademark bat-wing-like style, as well as having a more lean appearance. However, his 8-bit sprites generally depicted him with his original design. In general, he is depicted in artwork, and to a certain extent his game sprite for Mega Man 7, as possessing gray hair and moustache, a cleft chin, as well as a white dress shirt, a red tie, blue pants, brown loafers, and a white lab coat.

In Mega Man 8, he wore a more elaborate outfit, with a purple knot tie, dark pants with a brown belt possessing a skull belt buckle, and his coat possessed pink inner linings as well as a raised collar and a cape. Likewise, in Super Adventure Rockman, he is depicted as wearing a beige coat, a green T-shirt and, very briefly, an explorer cap and a green backpack, mostly due to his travels in the Amazon during that time. His design in Mega Man Powered Up is largely similar to his default design, although the only notable difference besides the Chibi-style and angular design is that he wore a pink dress shirt instead of his usual white dress shirt and having dark blue pants instead of standard blue pants. In Mega Man 11, Wily wears a black dress shirt and red tie as well as dark pants with a belt buckle prominently displaying his logo, alongside his usual lab coat, which possessed purple inner linings similar to his outfit in Mega Man 8.

In Mega Man 11, his younger self was depicted with a full-head of spiked hair and sideburns (as well as being blonde).



At one time, Dr. Wily was a colleague of Dr. Light's and studied with him at the Robot Institute of Technology. When young, Wily was responsible for the Double Gear System that got shut down in light of severe risks posed to taking robots beyond their limits. The end of his project made him angry with Light due to the latter's role in it getting shut down, ending their friendship. After they graduated, Wily and Light became bitter rivals during their professional lives. Though Wily won many awards in his time, he was consistently upstaged by Dr. Light, and this wounded his pride. Tired of always being one step behind Dr. Light, Wily moved to the Pacific Ocean, created a giant robot factory, and went missing, secretly plotting to take over the world.

Meanwhile, Dr. Light completed Proto Man, the first humanoid robot with feelings. However, Proto Man had a defect in his Solar Reactor, and he left Dr. Light's lab fearing to be changed, wandering around the world on his own. Dr. Wily came across Proto Man (who is presumed to have fallen unconscious or broken) and modified him, giving him a new nuclear core and additional equipment.[4] Unfortunately for Proto Man, a defect still existed in his reactor. Dr. Wily continued with his plans to conquer the world, while Dr. Light continued creating robots to help humanity. After an unknown time, Wily enacted his evil scheme: exclaiming he would achieve this by stealing six (eight in Mega Man: Powered Up) of Dr. Light's industrial robots and reprogramming them.

Mega Man[]

In his first uprising, Dr. Wily used Dr. Light's robots to try to take over the world, but one of the robots Wily saw no potential in asked to be changed into a combat robot to stop Wily's evil scheme, and Rock was transformed into the super robot Mega Man. Rock as Mega Man stopped Wily's robots and defeated him in his hideout.[5]

Mega Man 2[]

One year later, Wily returned for revenge, this time creating eight of his own robots to defeat Mega Man, but his plans are foiled and his robots are defeated. Wily attempted to trick Mega Man into thinking that he was an Alien, but Mega Man realizes that it is a hologram and Wily surrenders.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge[]

Sometime between Mega Man 2 and 3, Wily revived four of Light's Robot Masters and four of his own and created a new "Mega Man Killer", Enker, and sent them against Mega Man, but is stopped.

Mega Man 3[]


Dr. Wily working with Dr. Light.

Wily would then pretend to have changed his ways and helps Dr. Light build Gamma, a giant robot meant to bring world peace, but he secretly reprograms the eight new Robot Masters that he co-built with Dr. Light and creates the Doc Robots to battle Mega Man. During the conflict, Dr. Wily stole Gamma and the Energy Elements and tries to defeat Mega Man, but in the end, a block of debris falls onto Wily, supposedly killing him, though his flying saucer is seen in the distance at the end of the conflict.

Mega Man II[]

Wily then stole the Time Skimmer, a machine that allowed him to travel through time, and traveled to a point in the future in which his older self had reformed and Mega Man had been reverted into a house robot. Wily and his older self stole Rock and turned him into Quint, and with Mega Man himself at his side, he revived four robots from his second uprising and four from his third uprising and fought his nemesis again in the present, but is defeated. At some point during this alternate future, he also created a prototype of Quint, but quickly discards him when he captured the actual Mega Man.

Mega Man 4[]

A year after Mega Man 3, Dr. Wily kidnapped Kalinka, daughter of Doctor Cossack, and blackmailed him into using his elite robots to fight Mega Man. In the middle of their fight, Proto Man teleported in Kalinka, who elaborated that Dr. Wily had kidnapped her and forced her father into building an army of robots, and with Wily's plan undone by Proto Man's betrayal, Wily steps out from the shadows and berates Proto Man for betraying him before retreating to his newly-built Wily Castle. Mega Man pursued his nemesis there and fights his way through, defeating Wily, though he manages to escape in the end.

Mega Man's Soccer[]

A few months after his failed plan with Cossack, Wily revived several of his robots and oddly begins taking over soccer fields. Mega Man is modified to play soccer and plays against Wily (in robotic armor) and his team of Robot Masters and stops his plan to ruin the sport. Wily begs for mercy before escaping from his collapsing lair.

Mega Man III[]

At some point between Mega Man 4 and 5, Wily also revived more of his Robot Masters and made a new Mega Man Killer, Punk, and used powerful jamming waves to interfere with the super computer regulating people's every day lives. Mega Man stops him and his robot once more.

Mega Man 5[]

Wily then tried to get revenge on both Proto Man and Dr. Light by creating Dark Man, a robot with the ability to disguise himself as Proto Man, and has him kidnap Dr. Light. Unfortunately for him the real Proto Man reveals Dark Man's true identity and Mega Man defeats him and Wily and frees Dr. Light. Wily's fortress begin to collapse and Wily escapes when Mega Man saves him and Light from falling debris.

Mega Man IV[]

Between Mega Man 5 and 6, Wily took over the robots at the World Robot Expo using radio waves and made yet another Mega Man Killer, Ballade. Mega Man stops him aboard his battleship.

Mega Man V[]

He also finds a group of ancient alien robots and programs them to be his Stardroids, and also revives Sunstar, an ancient doosmday weapon. Despite being outmatched at first, Mega Man defeats Wily and his new robots once again.

Mega Man 6[]


Dr. Wily arrested.

Donning the disguise of a billionaire named Mr. X, Wily sponsored the First Annual Robot Tournament for the World Robot Alliance, where he reprogrammed the eight finalists and tried to use them to take over the world. Mega Man defeated Wily as Mr. X in the X Foundation headquarters, and he reveals his true identity and retreats to his new castle. Mega Man goes after Wily and thwarts him as usual, this time resulting in Mega Man sending him to jail.

Mega Man 7[]

Knowing he would eventually be imprisoned, Wily built four robots to search for him if they went without input for six months, and at some point also created Bass, one of his greatest creations, and his robot wolf companion Treble. Wily escapes from prison with the help of these robots and uses Bass to get close to Mega Man and has him steal the Rush Adapter plans to allow Bass to combine with Treble like Mega Man does with Rush. Mega Man defeats Wily once again and Wily begs for forgiveness again, but Mega Man, tired of the mad scientists's schemes, attempts to kill Wily, though he reminds Mega Man that robots cannot harm humans.[6] The building around them starts collapsing and a pile of scrap falls on Wily. Mega Man slowly approaches him just before Treble teleports in and escapes with Wily.

Mega Man Battle and Chase[]

Wily would then attempt to steal the prize money of 10 million Zenny from the winner of a new racing show called Battle & Chase, but the winner (the player’s character) races him and stops Wily in his Skull Machine XX.

Mega Man 8[]

When two robots crash onto his island from space, Dr. Wily recovers the "Evil Energy" from one of the robots, and uses this energy to power eight new Robot Masters. Duo, the other robot who was hunting for the Evil Energy, helps Mega Man defeat Dr. Wily. After his defeat, the Evil Energy starts infecting Mega Man, and Wily watches on shocked and horrified at what's happening, but uses the opportunity to escape.

Mega Man & Bass[]

While preparing his comeback, Wily was supposedly ousted from his new fortress by the robot King. Bass and Mega Man work together to defeat King, and it is later revealed that Wily created King, which was working according to his plans. After King's defeat, Wily recovers his fortress, but is defeated again. In Bass' ending, Bass is angry that Wily deceived him, but Wily tells him that he now believes Bass is the strongest robot, and reveals plans for a King II, asking Bass to join King II to make them invincible and be able to defeat Mega Man. However, Proto Man appeared and destroyed the evil plans.

Mega Man 9[]

Dr. Wily is shown in a flashback begging for mercy, apologizing for all the wrongdoings he has done in the past. In the present, he claims to have changed his ways for the good, yet mentions that Dr. Light has become a bad guy because Dr. Light's robots are causing havoc to the city, and shows a video proving that Dr. Light is the one responsible. Wily also states that he is willing to create robots to combat Light's evil robots, in exchange for donations. Dr. Light is sent to jail due to the accusations. However, after defeating the eight bosses, Mega Man finds proof that Dr. Wily persuaded the eight robots by telling them that they are on their expiration date and will be dumped, and offered to repair them, using the opportunity to reprogram the robots. Dr. Wily steals the proof and goes to his Wily Castle, and Mega Man goes after him.

After Dr. Wily's defeat, Mega Man recovers the proof and uses Rush to show nine of Wily's previous defeats. It is revealed that Wily used a fake Dr. Light robot to create the video and frame Dr. Light, and Wily tricks Mega Man into thinking the robot fake was the real Light. The fake Dr. Light electrifies Mega Man and Wily sets his base to self-destruct with Mega Man inside, but Proto Man appears and saves Mega Man. The ending states that Dr. Wily was nowhere to be found after the destruction of his base, and Dr. Light is freed. In the credits, Concrete Man is chasing Wily outside his base.

Mega Man 10[]

When Roboenza starts infecting dozens of robots, including Roll, Dr. Wily goes to Dr. Light's lab and states he had discovered the cure, but the robots stole it and asks for help. After Mega Man got the cure, Dr. Wily escapes with it and announces he will only give it to those who serve him, and reveals that he had actually created Roboenza and infected the robots himself. He is defeated in space, but collapses because he was also ill and had a fever. Mega Man got Wily to a hospital, where he disappeared after his recovery and left just enough medicine to cure all of the robots. In Bass's ending, after defeating Wily Bass leaves him to die from his infection in order to "make him suffer," although it is implied that Mega Man managed to find Wily and take him to the hospital regardless. Similarly in Proto Man's ending he also left Wily to his fate, citing it as "poetic justice", although it is nonetheless implied that Mega Man saved Wily in that ending as well.

Mega Man 11[]

During an unknown period of time after Mega Man 10, Dr. Wily dwelled on his previous defeats at the hands of Mega Man as he remained in hiding until he suddenly remembered the Double Gear System research from his youth. Planning to use it in yet another bid for world domination, Dr. Wily would complete the research and resurfaced with eight new Robot Masters to the world while delivering a "message" to Dr. Light as he made his return.

After Mega Man used the Gear System against him and defeated the eight stolen Light robots, Wily hacked into Light Labs denouncing them as having stolen "his" invention and personally challenged Mega Man at his castle, even delivering the coordinates to the Gear Fortress he was using as his headquarters. After a climactic battle, he cynically attempted to beg for mercy, only for Mega Man to make it clear he was not fooled. However, Wily claimed he was not defeated since while he did lose, it was against his own Double Gear System, which if anything proved his genius. Dr. Light then explained that both their respective geniuses created Mega Man, a robot hero who wielded the power of the Double Gear System intelligently and responsibly, and attempted to get Dr. Wily to give up his evil ways. However, Wily refused, swore his revenge, and left the castle, which self-destructed shortly afterward.

Unknown time[]

At some point, Wily traveled back in time in an attempt to stop Mega Man during their first three conflicts and creates a new Wily Tower guarded by his Genesis Unit. He is stopped once more by Mega Man.

He revived more of his Robot Masters for another uprising, but is stopped again by Mega Man.

In Bass's ending of Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Wily revealed that after the creation of Bassnium, the energy he accidentally created while creating Bass, Wily studied it and obtained new knowledge that enabled him to create a more powerful robot, Zero. He created Zero to be so powerful that he could destroy both Mega Man and Bass (and possibly even X). Zero was thus programmed with an urge to kill, but he also suffered from a programming glitch that made him uncontrollable and violent. Reaching the end of his life, Wily chose to seal Zero away in a capsule full of the Maverick Virus, another creation of his meant to flush Zero's mind and purify him so he could one day fulfill his destiny.[7]

Mega Man X series[]

Though Dr. Wily passed away between the events of the Mega Man and Mega Man X series, he lived on through the Maverick Virus.[8] Wily was first mentioned by Dr. Light in his warning message in the Japanese instruction manual from the first Mega Man X.

In Mega Man X2, the plan of the X-Hunters is to repair Zero as one of Sigma's Mavericks,[9] and as Zero has a unique design that only Wily would know how to repair, it is implied that the X-Hunters may have a connection to Wily, with Serges resembling Wily himself.[10] In the original Japanese script, Serges mistakenly refers to X as Rock before correcting himself ("Rock... e..X...") and later regrets being "defeated by the robotic memento of Light." In the same script, Sigma says that Zero "was.. the last of... Wi.. num.. bers....," but he alludes to Dr. Wily in his dialogue regardless of the version of the game.[11] If the player managed to successfully repair Zero, Sigma claims that he knows Zero's secret and thus Zero is destined to work under him,[12] with it being implied that the "secret" involved Zero's origins as one of Wily's robots who went "Maverick" by disobeying his creator.[13][14]


Wily in Zero's nightmare from Mega Man X4.

In Mega Man X4, Zero has a dream about Wily. In it, a silhouette of Wily calls Zero his masterpiece, and tells Zero that "he" is his "nemesis", and that his rivalry with him gives him motivation in life before ordering Zero to destroy him.[15]

In Mega Man X5, Wily somehow met Sigma, likely through their shared connection to the Maverick Virus. Wily informed Sigma of how Zero's original evil nature can be restored with a powerful virus, leading to Sigma's plot to crash Eurasia and form the Zero Virus.[16] Wily's logo appears in Zero Space 1 behind Shadow Devil, foreshadowing his involvement in the plot. He also created a new body for Sigma, Final Sigma W, and Sigma taunts X and Zero about Wily before the battle.[17][18] Despite all this, Wily never actually appears in person.

In Mega Man X6, Gate's associate Isoc is very similar to Wily. Isoc knows a great deal about Zero's body and expresses great interest in him,[19] and has an equally great hatred of X.[20] Gate eventually questions Isoc about his obsession with Zero.[21] After Zero defeats Gate and discovers Sigma, a voice emanating from Isoc's lifeless body exclaims, "G...go, Zero! You're the strongest robot!" The Japanese version of the game further implies that the Zero Nightmare may hold memories of Dr. Wily in addition to Zero, due to his use of washi when demanding "where is my Zero!?" (washi being a pronoun used by elderly people such as Wily in Japanese).


Dr. Wily's legacy lived on through Zero, his final creation, and the Maverick Virus. Despite being created to be an unstoppable destroyer, Zero ironically ended up becoming a powerful force of good. He fought countless battles with his intended-enemy-turned-best-friend, X, the final creation of Dr. Light, and later Axl, before fighting his own battles to save the world in the Mega Man Zero series. This in of itself is also irony, as Dr. Wily had once felt that his Double Gear System would help robots become heroes before ultimately using robots for evil, thus completing his original dream of creating a robotic hero.

Another of Dr. Wily's goals was to have his brilliance be known to the world and to leave his mark on history, which he ultimately does (despite this history being of pure evil), as though it seems Wily has been destroyed for good as of the Zero series, his name and work were still known to people hundreds of years after his death, and his name appears in Mega Man Zero 3 at the beginning of the Area X-2 stage where blueprints of Zero with "Dr. W. No.∞" and "Dr. W LASTN. ZERO" can be seen in the background.

In the end, despite causing terror on the planet that would haunt it for hundreds of years and nearly destroying it on several occasions, Dr. Wily had fulfilled his dreams without seemingly even knowing it.

Other game appearances[]

Dr. Wily has also appeared in a number of ports, remakes, and licensed Mega Man games, as well as made several cameos in other Capcom games.

Other media[]

Rockman X4 (manga)[]


Zero has a vague memory of someone telling him to "destroy him."

Dr. Wily made a brief appearance in the manga version of Rockman X4. At the heat of the Great Repliforce War, the Reploid nurse Iris finds out that the network has been hacked by a malicious presence. This greatly hinders her ability to help out Reploids who have been injured because of the deadly war. Zero offers to go in and eliminate the corrupter, as payment for Iris helping save his life earlier during his fight with Repliforce sub-commander Jet Stingray. While inside, he is ensnared by Miru Toraeru orbs, which causes him to hallucinate and remember his past life as a Maverick battling against the then-noble Commander of the Maverick Hunters Sigma. Before he snaps out of the hallucination, he has one last mental image of Dr. Wily telling him to remember his mission and destroy "him" (Mega Man or Dr. Light) and then to destroy everything.

Mega Man (Ruby-Spears)[]

"I hate MegaMan. He ruins everything."
―Dr. Wily, The Beginning

Dr. Wily in the cartoon show.

Dr. Wily appears in every episode from Ruby-Spears' Mega Man animated series, where he served as the main antagonist and is voiced by Scott McNeil. Wily speaks with a German accent (due to being based on German-born scientist Albert Einstein) and is prone to fits of maniacal laughter.

In the cartoon, Wily worked as Dr. Light's assistant for years. When they created a robot prototype that malfunctioned, Light asked Wily to destroy the plans for the industrial robots and start from the beginning. However, Wily stole the plans and ran away, stating that Light sabotaged his work to gain all the credit. He used the plans to create Proto Man. Three months later, Wily and Proto Man invaded Dr. Light's laboratory and stole his robots. He reprogrammed Cut Man, Guts Man and Ice Man, but Rock and Roll manage to escape. Rock is then modified into the super fighting robot Mega Man to stop Dr. Wily's attempts to conquer the world.

Captain N: The Game Master[]

Main article: Dr. Wily (Captain N: The Game Master)

Dr. Wily in Captain N: The Game Master.

In Captain N: The Game Master, Wily works for the Mother Brain and is one of the main antagonists. He looks very close to his game counterpart, except dwarfed, has a deformed head, and wheezes when he talks. He is voiced by Ian James Corlett, who ironically voiced Mega Man in the Ruby-Spears cartoon.

While being the second most frequent Mega Man character to appear, he is absent from several episodes and is present in the following:

  • Season 1
    • "How's Bayou"
    • "The Most Dangerous Game Master"
    • "Videolympics"
    • "Mega Trouble For Megaland"
    • "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain"
    • "Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street"
    • "Metroid Sweet Metroid"
  • Season 2
    • "Gameboy"
    • "Queen of the Apes"
    • "The Big Game"
    • "The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers"
  • Season 3
    • "A Tale of Two Dogs"

Several of his creations exclusive to the show included a robotic cat made to lure Kevin/Captain N and Duke to Bayouland ("How's Bayou"), a robotic replica of Kevin's rival Mike Vincent ("The Most Dangerous Game Master"), a freeze gun ("Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain"), a deep sleep potion ("Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street"), a brain swapper ("Queen of the Apes") and a hypnotic ink made from Kongoland tree sap ("The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers").

Mega Man: Upon a Star[]


Dr. Wily in Mega Man: Upon a Star.

In Mega Man: Upon a Star, Wily is a video game character, still functioning as a primary antagonist. This time, he is voiced by Kenichi Oogata rather than Takeshi Aono.

Yuuta, a young Japanese boy, was playing Mega Man 5 until midnight, and fell asleep while fighting against the Wily Capsule, pausing the game and leaving his video game on, and Mega Man could not move. Wily jumps out of his damaged Wily Capsule and says that as he can't conquer the world in the video game, he may have better luck in the real world. He jumps out of the TV and begins to create robots to conquer Japan. After awakening in the morning, Yuuta unpaused the game and Mega Man jumped to the real world to stop Wily. Mega Man is successful at stopping Wily's robots, but when he was going to take him back to the video game, Wily puts on a ninja costume, and with a declaration of "I'm a Ninja!", he uses a smoke grenade to escape. Later, Mega Man found Wily hidden inside Mount Fuji and manages to take him back to the video game with the help of Yuuta, Proto Man, Rush and Beat.

In the second episode, Yuuta had gotten to the last stage of Mega Man 5 again, and was giving trouble to go to the room and commemorate the New Year's Eve. His sister tried to pull him out during the fight against Wily and they accidentally hit the console, sending Mega Man to the real world and Wily to Dr. Light's laboratory, where he discovers Dr. Light created a time machine. Wily stole the time machine and kidnapped Roll. Mega Man manages to rescue Roll, but Wily escaped with the machine and uses his space station to shoot meteorites on Earth in the Tanabata. Mega Man, Proto Man, Rush and Beat travel to space and stop Dr. Wily. After the battle, Wily is unable to return to Earth, and Mega Man has to take him back inside the damaged time machine.

In the last episode, Yuuta and Akane call Mega Man and Roll for a festival, and they forgot to turn off the video game. Wily manages to escape to the real world and begins a new plan to destroy Japan with typhoons. Dr. Light repaired the time machine and Mega Man uses it to discover what Wily is planning, and manages to stop him once again with Proto Man's help. Before taking Wily back to the video game, Mega Man makes him distribute presents at Christmas as punishment.

Mega Man (Dreamwave Productions)[]

Main article: Dr. Wily (Dreamwave Productions)

Dr. Wily (named "Dr. Wiley" in the comic) was Dr. Light's assistant, but left to start his own business and is behind the wave of robotic attacks against Dr. Light's inventions. He is the uncle of the Boltz Brothers. When he first appears in issue three he appears to be friendly and is with his usual appearance. In the last issue he is sarcastic and is with his Mega Man 8 outfit.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)[]

In Archie Comics, Wily was depicted as largely similar to his current-day appearance. Briefly in a flashback, instead of his bat wing-like hairstyle, his hair is tied in the back into a large ponytail (just like Roll), as well as a slightly smaller mustache reminiscent in overall appearance to a bat wing.

Mega Man Megamix[]


Dr. Wily in Mega Man Megamix

Main article: Dr. Wily (Hitoshi Ariga)

In Hitoshi Ariga's Megamix series, Wily appears much taller and lankier than his game design, with heavily wrinkled skin and wild jagged hair along with spiked sideburns. This version of Dr Wily often wears single-piece sunglasses to hide his eyes, and wears a tie covered with a skeleton motif.

In the Mega Man Megamix manga series, former schoolmates Dr. Wily and Dr. Light acknowledge each other as rivals. In some ways, it can be said that Dr. Wily is in fact smarter than Dr. Light, but his unique and altogether unusual ideas had always bewildered their school teachers. Due to this lack of understanding from his teachers, Dr. Wily had always been forced to endure the shame and unbearable pain of being second best. For Dr. Wily, who is very prideful, being confined to second place under Dr. Light was more than just a little insulting. Over the years, he came to hate the humans who did not seem capable of understanding his true genius, and this led to his obssession with robots. Dr. Wily has come in second place of the LIT Manual Design Contest for four years in a row, was presented with the World Engineer Silver Medal, and was nominated for the Nobel Physics Prize. His favorite pastime is table tennis.

Dr. Wily became an evil scientist who is intent on taking over the world. Having developed numerous robots himself, Dr. Wily is constantly coming up with new ways to conquer the world. Having a rather unique outlook and philosophy, Dr. Wily never really had anyone in his life who truly understood him. In some ways, Dr. Light was the only one who was willing and able to understand Dr. Wily. Unfortunately, Dr. Light's natural genius and overwhelming success in life had always driven Dr. Wily to view him as a rival more than a friend. In what could be considered a bitter twist of fate, it was the very same Dr. Light and his robots who would eventually come to stand in the way of Dr. Wily and his dark ambitions.

Other appearances[]

Wily appeared in Shigeto Ikehara's Rockman manga series and in Rock'n Game Boy, in Kōji Izuki's Rockman 8, Rockman & Forte and Rockman 10 -Extra F- manga, in Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin, Rockman Battle & Chase, Rockman X4 and the Novas Aventuras de Megaman.

Wily, or a man that resembles him, has a brief appearance in UDON's Street Fighter II comic, issue 9, where he is one of Shadaloo's scientists.[22]

Dr. Wily was originally set to make an appearance in the 2012 Disney movie, Wreck-It Ralph as part of the Bad-Anon villains support group; however, he was cut in the final version and replaced by Shinobi.[23]


Mega Man: Battle & Chase[]

Skull Machine XX
Skull Machine XX (スカルマシンXX)
Game description
No description.
Maximum speed
Parts Game description
Body Bone Head Body
Engine Nova Engine ("Super Nova Engine")
Wing Barrier Wing
Tire Ultimate Tire

Mega Man & Bass CD data[]

Dr. Wily's CD data card.

Rockman Battle & Fighters data[]


Translation: An evil scientist who plans to take over the world. Me and Wily were schoolmates at Robert Institute of Technology.




  • Dr. Wily takes the cake for having the most phases of any boss in the entire classic series, with six during his battle in Mega Man 11. The first two phases are versus Wily's eleventh Wily Machine, and the last four are against a Wily Capsule.
  • Wily's first name, Albert, is taken from "Albert Einstein", opposite to Dr. Light's first name, Thomas, taken from "Thomas Edison". However, unlike Dr. Light, Wily has somewhat of a resemblance to the person he is based on. Wily being a villain was largely due to Einstein being responsible in part for the discovery of atomic energy that led directly to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.
  • Several succeeding Capcom villains who acted as scientists/doctors have had the first name of "Albert", including Master Albert of Mega Man ZX Advent (his name itself homage to Wily), Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil franchise, and Albert Contiello from Dead Rising.
  • Dr. Wily's name appears in Area X-2 in Mega Man Zero 3. Mega Man X2 was the first game that hinted at Zero was related to Dr. Wily.
  • Takeshi Aono, one of Wily's Japanese voice-actors, also voices Isoc, furthering speculation that their characters are connected.
  • Dr. Wily's views towards robots are paradoxical at first glance. On the one hand, he uses Robot Masters as tools to help him achieve world domination and prefers to replace Robot Masters that failed in the past with better and more advanced versions (examples: Metal Man is an improved version of Cut Man, Frost Man was designed to be the best ice Robot Master after the failures of Ice Man, Blizzard Man and Freeze Man, Wave Man was designed to be a better water Robot Master than Bubble Man and to replace him). He also has no qualms about reprogramming Robot Masters to serve him, which is most obvious in Mega Man 11 and the original Mega Man. On the other hand, in Super Adventure Rockman Dr. Wily revives old creations of his and tells Ra Moon that he "loves" his robots, he does not alter Proto Man's programming after finding him prior to the events of Mega Man 3 (and even replaces Proto Man's damaged core), and in Mega Man 10 he leaves the cure to Roboenza in the hospital he was boarding in to save the world's remaining infected robots once it's clear that his plan for world domination has failed. Other instances of Dr. Wily demonstrating compassion towards robots include giving all of his Robot Masters unique personalities, tolerating Bass despite his disobedience and aggression towards Wily, and "saving" several Robot Masters who were past their expiration date and therefore due to be scrapped in Mega Man 9. Fascinatingly, in a flashback to his youth in Mega Man 11 during which time Dr. Wily researched at Robot University, he expresses concern to a young Dr. Light that robots will never be treated as equals by humans in society even if robots become sentient. Taking all this information together, Dr. Wily's views about the proper relations between robots and humans, and whether robots having free will like humans do is a good thing or not, are interesting and complex.
  • In Mega Man 6, Wily in the disguise of Mr. X says, "My scheme for world domination, has faild! But I still have enough to destroy you!". This typo was fixed in Mega Man Anniversary Collection.
  • Master Albert of the Sage Trinity in Mega Man ZX Advent is named after Dr. Wily. Like his namesake, Master Albert is also a villain.
  • Wily's name has been repeatedly misspelled as either Dr. Willy, Dr. Wiley, Dr. Wylie, and Dr. Waily in some sources, such as early instruction manuals, the NES version of Mega Man 3, the SNES version of Mega Man 7 and in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS.
  • In the Ruby-Spears TV series, Wily claims to have been "always misunderstood" and ridiculed as a child by other children. He also laments that he had no toys as a child, implying he may have grown up in poverty. This is one of the few references made in any media to Wily's life before meeting Dr. Light.
  • According to the American manual for the first Mega Man, Dr. Wily was Dr. Light's assistant and worked on his DRN series of robots. Though this story was reinforced by the Ruby-Spears cartoon and later the PAL version of Mega Man Powered Up, it is not canon to the Japanese version of Wily's backstory.
  • In an article on PC World, Wily was voted as #39 of the top 47 "most diabolical video game villains of all time".
  • In the English version of Mega Man 8, Dr. Light humorously mispronounces Dr. Wily as Dr. Wahwee. This has become a famous Internet meme.
  • In his appearance in Captain N, Wily is voiced by Ian James Corlett, who would later voice Mega Man in the Ruby-Spears cartoon (where Wily was voiced by Scott McNeil, who also voiced Proto Man in the same series).
  • Pro wrestler Kenny Omega has a finishing maneuver called The Dr. Wily Bomb.
  • In Mega Man Powered Up, Dr. Wily is voice by Dean Galloway, the same voice actor for Chill Penguin in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

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