This article is about the version of Dr. Light that appears in Mega Man: Fully Charged.
"No son, war is ugly. Fighting is a last resort. Peace? Robots and humans living together as one? THAT is awesome."
—Dr. Light, Throwing Shade Part I

Dr. Thomas Light is a character from Mega Man: Fully Charged. He is the father of Aki and Suna and a supporter of human/robot relations.


Dr. Light is a tall and muscular man with white hair and beard. He wears a red shirt, jeans, brown shoes, and a white coat. Beneath his lab coat, he has scars going up both of his arms, presumambly injuries he sustained during the Hard Times.


Part adventurer, part scientist, all father. Dr. Light has walked some hard paths in his life, but has come out of it a charismatic optimist.

Dr. Light is confident about all things science, less so about social situations. However, he is no "bumbling scientist" – more of a semi-retired adventurer who hates when he has to dress up for a gala.

He has unlimited affection for his children and is a great father who lets them make, and learn from, their own mistakes. He knows that Aki is Mega Man, but is playing along with Aki's "secret identity" until Panic in the Lighthouse, when he decieded the time was right. He is wise but not "old", kind but not soft. He's gregarious and charismatic until he has to take charge of a situation – then he's brave and resolute.[1]


Expert in Robothic and mechanicals: He is a expert in these mathers and at the lon of the series is showed the extense a extense list of thing and tecnology he invented or contributed in they development. Figthing skills: he show to be fast and agile aside of his bulky contexture, and be a skilled in close combat, and with fire weapons


Buster Gun: a white gun what its canon look similar to the Mega Buster but a little bigger.



  • The gun Dr Light use can be a prototype of the Mega Buster for its similar apearence, and lack of charged shoots.



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