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This article is about the Mega Man: Fully Charged character. For others named Light, see Light (disambiguation).
"No son, war is ugly. Fighting is a last resort. Peace? Robots and humans living together as one? THAT is awesome."
―Dr. Light, Throwing Shade Part I

Dr. Thomas Light is a character from Mega Man: Fully Charged. He is the father of Aki and Suna and a supporter of human/robot relations.


In contrast to his original video game counterpart who is short and overweight, this version of Dr. Light is a tall, muscular man, with white hair in a ponytail and a lighter shade of blue eyes. He is much more proactive, taking part in fights when required, and is capable of taking on a robot on his own. He wears a red shirt, jeans, brown shoes, and a white coat. Beneath his lab coat, he has scars going up both of his arms, presumably of injuries he sustained during the Hard Age. Dr. Light is confident about all things science, though less confident with social situations. He has unlimited affection for his children and lets them make and learn from their own mistakes. Despite being aware that Aki is Mega Man he keeps it a secret from him until later in the series.


Animated series

Dr. Light debuts when he causes and explosion in his lab. Coming out covered in soot, Dr. Light wonders why Suna and Aki are up so late, to which they inform him it is actually morning. Brushing it off with a bad joke, Dr. Light rushes off when he sees eggs, and asks what the two are whispering about as they discuss telling their father that Aki is Mega Man. Instead they tell him about the their school's assembly that day that Light is scheduled to speak at about human/robot relations, and Aki is excited to hear about his battles during the Hard Age. Light tells Aki that he doesn't think kids want to hear about his fighting during the war, and that war is an ugly matter that should always be a last resort, and that peace between humans and robots is more awesome. At the school, Light is marveled at by bystanders and greeted by Principal 100100. Light expresses his excitement to address Silicon City about peace during Unity Week, but is interrupted by Sergeant Breaker Night, who asks him if he talks about unity enough if he think it will actually become a reality. Light introduces Night to his children, stating Night is a hero of the Hard Age and he was Night's doctor during the Hard Age, and asks Night why he was there. Night denounces the idea of man and machine coexisting, and Light tells him to not linger in the past and that the two species have built a beautiful world together and invites Night to join them. He then saves Night from Fire Man when he attacks the disgruntled sergeant, but is in turn saved by Mega Man when Fire Man is about to attack him, and thanks him. He then clears from the area as Mega Man and Fire Man fight Throwing Shade Part I Light reprimands Night as he tries to convince the public that Fire Man's attack proves humans and machines can't coexist, and tries to negotiate with Fire Man, but he attacks him and Suna. He sarcastically tells Night that he really knows how to deescalate a situation as Night goads Fire Man, and is saved by Mega Man again when Fire Man attacks them. The group takes cover in the sewer, where Light asks Mega Man if he is ok, and watches as Mega Man engages Fire Man again. He tries to reason with Night again when Night states that war between humans and robots was coming again, and stands by Team Light as they defend Night from Fire Man. Light thanks Mega Man for taking care of the situation and says that Night has much to think about after the events of that day, but knowing Night, that is not the last they'll hear from him. He then cheers for Mega Man with the rest of the bystanders. Throwing Shade Part II

Comic series



Expert in Robotic and mechanical: He is a expert in these mathers and at the lon of the series is showed the extense a extense list of thing and tecnology he invented or contributed in they development. Figthing skills: he show to be fast and agile aside of his bulky contexture, and be a skilled in close combat, and with fire weapons


Buster Gun: a white gun what its canon look similar to the Mega Buster but a little bigger.



  • The gun Dr Light use can be a prototype of the Mega Buster for its similar apearence, and lack of charged shoots.