Donner Wels (ドンナー・ヴェルス Donnā Verusu, "Thunder Catfish" in German.) is a boss that would appear in the game Mega Man Legends 3. Donner Wels is a mecha with roughly six meters height equipped with an electric whip that is piloted by the Bonne family. Barrett fights against the mecha in a large room with water.[1]

Donner Wels is the winning design from the second event held during Mega Man Legends 3's development. It was created by Kobun #46 (CAPコブン) in Japan.[2]


A power suit based off of the Gustaff that can be used both on land and in the sea. The round body is waterproof and can withstand water pressures up to a depth of 200 meters.

Special Design Features:

  • It's an electric catfish-type mecha, though it kinda looks like a tadpole, too.
  • It gives off a "bizarre living creature" vibe because it's not quite human, even though it has arms and legs.
  • It has 2 large electrodes on its back. They are charged with high voltage electricity.
  • It has vents on its shoulders and arms that makes you think of a fish's gills.
  • Its right arm is an electric whip (Spark Whip).
  • Its left arm is a "magic hand" (Manipulator).
  • Its tail is there for balance, though it can be used as a weapon in close quarter combat.

Underwater Mode:

  • It can pull in its arms and legs to change from a humanoid form into a fish form.
  • Its hands become fins.
  • Its whiskers are sensors that can check the water around it.
  • Mud reduces how well it can see, but can search and hunt you down in the toxic waters.
  • But while it's up on land, it walks rather awkwardly -- that is, until it changes shape.
  • Sub-Mecha: Klein Wels (working name)
  • It means "Small Catfish" in German.
  • Sub-mechas the Servbots ride around in.

They do not have the ability to shoot out electricity. They also do not have anti-electricity properties. Furthermore, they cannot operate on land. The sub-mecha itself is its only weapon. Recovery items drop once defeated. *The individual types have yet to be defined.

Mission Details:

Keep the treasure safe from the Bonne Family!

While the Bonne Mecha is attacking, the Servbots try to break the shield around the treasure. Defeat the Bonne Mecha while paying attention to the Servbots' progress. Don't let them steal the treasure! Success: Defeat the Bonne Mecha before the treasure is stolen.

Failure: Player dies or the treasure is stolen by the Servbots.

Mission Specifics:

The Bonne Mecha will start attacking the player as soon as the mission starts. Servbots will use that time to make a bee-line for the treasure*. If the player manages to fry the Servbots, he/she can focus on the Bonne Mecha until they revive themselves.

  • If the player is holding the key, the Servbots can't de-activate the shield. They will have to fiddle with the control terminal, try to bomb it open, or force the shield to de-activate. (1 - 3 Servbots will be in charge of fiddling with the terminal while the other Servbots offer support and defense in their sub-mechas.) Once the shield has been broken, the treasure will come flying out.

But because the treasure is so big (or heavy), a number of Servbots have to work together to carry it. Until the player clears the mission, the player can't actually take possession of the treasure himself/herself. The player must make sure the Servbots don't escape with the treasure, so he/she must try to toss the treasure somewhere, or some other tactic. It's game over when the Servbots manage to open the door to the ruins and escape with their prize. Water flows into the room from the giant holes in the ceiling or the walls at set intervals, causing the water levels in the room to fluctuate. The Bonne Mecha can cause tremors that will make blocks fall from the ceiling. The key to fighting this Bonne Mecha is to take advantage of the changing environment as time passes.

How to Beat the Mission:

The Bonne Mecha's electric attacks, especially its Electric Whip attack, are especially strong, so breaking the two electrodes on its back first will make life much easier since it won't be able to generate electricity once they are broken. (The player can lock on to the electrodes, so it's possible to destroy them with the buster.)

If the player is caught in the Bonne Mecha's Whip attack (or caught and thrown), or if the player is caught up in the current of the water from the ceiling or the walls, the player will fall into the water pool.

The Bonne Mecha is better at fighting underwater, so it's harder to fight it underwater. During that time, the shield is also under attack by Servbots, so it's best to get out of the water fast.

But because the Servbots in the sub-mechas underwater drop healing items when they're defeated, one good strategy is to escape underwater, defeat the Servbots, and get some healing items before the Bonne Mecha catches up.

Kobun's Message: I wanted to become a member of the Bonne Family, so that's why I decided to participate. I thought about what kinds of enemies I'd like to fight, and pulled all of my ideas together into this one mecha. I hope Legends 3 will turn out to be even more fun than I imagine. I'll be rooting for you!



Donner Wels