"I'll fix anything! Now I can show my mechanic skills!"
―Douglas, Mega Man X6

Douglas (ダグラス Dagurasu) is an engineer/mechanic for the Maverick Hunters, appearing in the games Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6.

Character history

Douglas was mostly seen constructing power-up parts for X and Zero, and reinforcing the Enigma and Space Shuttle with the parts they gathered from the Mavericks, Douglas served the Hunters well. During the Nightmare outbreak, Douglas helped X and Zero by refining power-up parts for them. Mysteriously, though, he vanished from sight after that. It's unknown what his current status or job is, as he's been missing for later games.


Douglas is a mechanic, and a very skilled one, but his character doesn't reach far beyond that. Dialogues show that he is optimistic, but not naive. When situations confront him, he shows confidence in the best-case scenario, but when things go wrong he's not blind to them.


Mega Man X5

  • Far from perfect... In order to use the Enigma, we need to build it up with some devices. The Enigma doesn't work as is. (When questioned about the condition of the Enigma cannon by Signas.)
  • At last the Enigma has been completed! It's old, but we reinforced it with some devices... It should work fine... Well, we're ready! (All Enigma parts were collected.)
  • We'll take time and repair the damages. (Enigma succeeds, Earth suffers only minor damage from colony debris.)
  • The Enigma was not successful? (Enigma fails, only 62% of the colony is destroyed.)
  • We'll try to upgrade it from here. This is the last chance for us... (Preparing for the Shuttle Operation.)
  • We've completed the Space Shuttle... It's ready to launch at anytime. Still... The problem is...who will maneuver it... It's awkward having this kind of problem at the very end. Everything else is taken care of. The Shuttle is ready... Let me know once you've dealt with the pilot issue. (All shuttle parts collected.)
  • The Space Shuttle. Stand-by! (Shuttle prepared for launch.)
  • I'm sure it'll work this time! [As the shuttle approaches the colony (if the Shuttle Operation will succeed).]
  • Zero! I believe you can do it! [As the shuttle approaches the colony (if the Shuttle Operation will succeed).]
  • ...Zero! (Awaiting Zero's response after the shuttle impacts with the colony [if Shuttle Operation will succeed).]
  • We did everything we could to strengthen the Shuttle... Everything... [As shuttle crashes into the colony (if the operation will fail).]
  • Get away! Hurry, Zero! (Shuttle operation fails and the Eurasia colony continues its decent to Earth.)
  • I'm...all right, too... (Checking in after colony impact.)
  • What are you waiting for?! Hurry up, let's go! [Everyone evacuates to an underground shelter (If player allows all 16 hours to run out).]
  • It's hard to repair the bodies of X and Zero because they're still a mystery... X's ending, speaking with Alia and Signas (if Zero went Maverick).]
  • But...why was only Zero's memory data deleted from X? X's ending, speaking with Alia and Signas (if Zero went Maverick).]

Mega Man X6

  • And if you obtain any items, I'll process them into Parts you can use. You can equip the parts with the L1 button. (During mission debriefing.)
  • This is awful! Whoa! What should we do? [Seeing Gate's remains (X's ending, with Zero found).]
  • I'll fix anything! Now I can show my mechanic skills! [As everyone pledges together to repair the damage to Earth (X's ending, with Zero found).]

Other appearances


Production notes

Developer comments
On top of having parts and weapons, we absolutely had to have a mechanic! And so we set up Douglas. Mind, he doesn't show up that much in the first half of the game... (sweat)

Designer comments
Since he's a mechanic, I tried bringing out an on-the-scene mood in him by making him all arms(?), giving him a hat-like helmet and goggles, etc.[3][4]