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Downtown, known as Central Town (セントラルタウン) in Japan, is an area from Kattelox Island in Mega Man Legends. This is the central area of the island's city, having access to Apple Market in the south, City Hall in the north, Uptown in the west, Old City in the east, and the Underground Ruins via a manhole.

Mega Man Volnutt and Roll Caskett need a Citizen's Card to enter Downtown, only having access to Apple Market until the cards are finished. After Mega Man helps a Junk Shop owner in the Underground Ruins, their Citizen's Card are finished and, by Roll's request, Mega Man enters the city to see how Barrell Caskett is doing, and sees Tron Bonne for the first time in Downtown, which was being evacuated due to a warning that air pirates may soon attack. After checking Barrell in City Hall, Mega Man sees Tron Bonne being pursued by the dog Paprika and helps her. After returning to Roll, they see the start of the pirate attack. Worried with Barrell, Roll tries to go to City Hall, but Mega Man tells her to leave it to him due to the danger.

The path to City Hall is locked, and three Servbots piloting Blumebears guarding the path are with the key. After taking the key from one of them, Mega Man faces Tron, who is piloting the Ferdinand. After her defeat, Mega Man can enter the City Hall. Downtown can be damaged by Ferdinand's attacks. If that happens, Mega Man can talk with Amelia to assist in the repairs by making donations.

After MegaMan Juno is defeated, Mega Man can enter Downtown one last time to say farewell to the citizens, which include Wily, the KTOX TV reporter, the Museum Curator, and Ira.

Downtown is also part of the Inspector's missions and the Kattelox TV race minigame.



Downtown is mainly a residential area with several houses, having five red houses, three white houses, four green houses, three yellow houses, three small blue houses and five small orange houses. Three of them are the home of Jim, Osh, and Bensley, and two of them are empty.


MML Downtown Library


The Library (図書館 Toshokan) is the largest building in Downtown, designed like an open book.


It's a book about ethics...
Let's see--
You can judge a man by his actions...
People who engage in evil deeds will reveal themselves
through their appearance, which will darken and
become distorted, a reflection of their inner selves.
Hmmm...sounds like something worth remembering!

It's a book called 'Introduction to Digging'...
I remember reading this a long time ago...Let's see--
Remember to improve your weapons as often as you can!
Make sure you have the right tools for the job at hand--
you can choose to improve your weapons' firepower,
rate of fire, range, as well as reloading speed....
It's also important to think about which of your special
weapons to upgrade, and when...
Hmmm...sounds like good advice!

It's 'The History of Kattelox Island, Vol. 1'...
Let's see--
This unpopulated island was discovered some 100 years ago.
At the time of its discovery, the surface of the
island was almost completely covered with ruined buildings.
Kattelox became well known after the discovery of high-
quality refractors under the island about 60 years ago.

After the discovery of the presence of
refractors, it was also found that the island was riddled
with underground ruins.
Due to the various unfortunate accidents which
plagued early exploration attempts and the
persistence of the rumors of a legendary curse or
disaster, the majority of these ruins were sealed
off from the general public.
Thus, digging is permitted in only a limited number of
ruins. As for the legendary disaster, it is believed by
some that every century, an undefined presence
that resides beneath the island awakens and
destroys all life present on it.

It's 'The History of Kattelox Island, Vol. 2'...
Let's see--
Research conducted by the current mayor of the island,
Professor Amelia, shows that there are remnants of several
different civilizations on Kattelox.
In other words, it appears the previous inhabitants of this
island have built a civilization many times, only to have
it destroyed each time...This is believed to be the
origin of the myth of the legendary
disaster that haunts this island.
While there is obviously no scientific proof
that Kattelox is destined for disaster, many
people who believe in the legend choose to leave the island,
and in fact the decreasing population has
become one of the island's major concerns in recent years.

The walls and gates that divide the city into
various areas are also remnants of ancient ruins,
which continue to function even now.
These walls, along with the ruins known as the Sub-
and Main Gates, are a monument to the technological
achievements of our ancestors' society.

It's 'The Digger's Guide--Intermediate Level'...
Let's see--
Often, when taking damage from an enemy's attack, you
will be stunned or even knocked down.
You can lessen the effect by pressing the X button.
Hmmmm...I'll have to remember that!

It's a book called 'Operating Holon Machinery'...
Let's see--
Machines which use quantum refractors as their power
source are referred to as Holon machines.
While they are used for many purposes today, their
original configuration, purpose, and means of
construction remain unknown.
Holon machines make use of the energy field generated by
refractors when they are rotated at high speeds.
The type and size of the energy field generated in this
manner varies depending on the
size and color of the refractor used.
Some researchers have put forth the theory of the
existence of a proto-refractor, a multi-faceted prism
refractor capable of energy production on a scale beyond
that of the largest known refractor.
...Hmmm...I'm not sure if I get all of that...
Maybe Roll would understand...

Stripe Burger

Stripe Burger is a shop that will be opened by Servbots near the library after completing the bank robbery mission and returning the money.


Downtown has four bus stops, with a bus periodically being seen passing by the streets and stopping at the points. There are also two drink vending machines, located in the southwest and northeast of the area.

After accessing the panel inside the Main Gate, the entrance to one of the three Sub-Cities will appear in Downtown.


  • 10 Zenny - Inside a trash can in the southeast.
  • Broken Motor - Inside a trash can in the east area.
  • Blumebear Parts - Found inside a trash can in the northwest after saving City Hall.


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