Dr. Makita (Dr.マキタ) is a minor character from Rockman.EXE Stream. He is an archaeologist investigating an artifact bearing the Crest of Duo that appeared near the Estebari Ruins in the country of Basconoma. He and Enzan Ijuuin investigate the hole Dr. Makita suspects the artifact came from and find that it is covered by a Dimensional Area. Later, he shows Netto Hikari, Jasmine, Nenji Rokushakudama, and Charlie Airstar the tablet with the Crest of Duo and brings them to the hole, where Enzan is already investigating.

He watches on as the Cross Fusion Members begin to activate the ruins, first with a giant pink beam then a large pink face, and again when the Dimensional Area disappears. He lets a sigh of relief when he sees the Cross Fusion Members are safe. Stellar Memory

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