"Perfect! You'll make a good specimen!"
―Dr. Psyche, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Dr. Psyche (Dr.サイケ Dr. Saike) is the "Computational Humanoid Reploid" in Mega Man X: Command Mission.


Dr. Psyche is a member of the Rebellion Forces and is very interested in the evolutionary capabilities of Reploids. He was an old research partner of Professor Gaudile and urged him to join the Rebellion forces as well. Dr. Psyche eventually hunted down his old colleague to wrest the Force Metal Generator device he had created and was confronted by Mega Man X's command team in doing so. Dr. Psyche is crazed and power-hungry, as well as very likely insane. He makes long, almost ridiculous movements with almost every sentence he speaks, making him a fairly comical character. He is also extremely arrogant and considers others inferior to himself due to his superior intellect.

Upon his defeat at X's hands, Dr. Psyche separates his head from his body and attaches it to a large, nautilus inspired body dubbed Mad Nautilus. (Interestingly, this is the part of the battle where the traditional "WARNING!" text flashes across the screen in-game.) But, despite his protective shield, Mad Nautilus was eventually defeated by X and his party.

Stats and Abilities

In battle, Dr. Psyche always begins by summoning Needles to aid him and will summon more when they are destroyed. While Needles are present, he will attack by firing twin laser blasts from the two small guns holstered at his sides (Doom Blaster) and by throwing an assortment of random objects, which can affect player stats (4-D Throw).

Dr. Psyche

Support Units

Mad Nautilus

"You'll never beat my evolved form!"
―Mad Nautilus, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Mad Nautilus (マッドノーチラス Maddo Nōchirasu) is Dr. Psyche's second form. In this form, he has a powerful shield that automatically counters any attacks performed on it. Eventually, the shield will drop as he charges up for the attack, Mad Ecstasy, allowing for the Hunters to attack without retaliation for a bit.

Mad Nautilus is encountered again in the Far East HQ, along with other revived/recreated members of the Rebellion Army.

Stats and Abilities

First Encounter at Gaudile Laboratory

Second Encounter at Far East HQ



Vs. Dr. Psyche
MMX Command Mission Ch. 4 Boss Dr

MMX Command Mission Ch. 4 Boss Dr. Psyche Part 1

Vs. Mad Nautilus - First Encounter   Vs. Mad Nautilus - Second Encounter
MMX Command Mission Ch

MMX Command Mission Ch.4 Boss Part 2 Mad Nautilas

Megaman X Command Mission Mad Nautalis Again

Megaman X Command Mission Mad Nautalis Again


  • His starting line during the second phase of battle, "You'll never beat my evolved form!!", has sparked a running joke on YouTube, where he is teased as being a Pokémon, due to the word "evolved ", which is often used in the Pokémon series.
  • His battle tactics, cries, and attack responses all suggest that he prefers to use his superior intelligence in place of his brawn when fighting opponents.
  • His round, protruding head bears a passing resemblance to that of NumberMan.EXE .
  • The battle theme of Mad Nautilus is the same a Fight X! X's theme in command mission
  • He is one of the few Maverick bosses to have more than one form in battle.
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