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Dr. Shou Kouin

Dr. Shou Kouin is a researcher at the Chronos Institute in the Mega Man comic book series from Archie Comics.


Dr. Kouin is fascinated by time travel, and is always seeking to learn more about it. He also has a strong sense of justice, as he acted immediately to summon agents Stern and Krantz upon learning Xander Payne's true identity.


Dawn of X

Appearing first in Mega Man Issue 37, Dr. Kouin had previously hired a man who introduced himself by the name Wells to work at the institute. However, he later learned from a news report that "Mr. Wells" was in fact the escaped terrorist Xander Payne, leader of the Emerald Spears. Alerting federal agents Gilbert D. Stern and Roslyn Krantz, he brought them to the institute to apprehend Xander. While leading them to intercept him, Kouin explained some of the work that went on at the institute, including their invention of a possible time machine known as the Time Skimmer. Unfortunately, Xander proved to be armed, and injured Stern before using a prototype machine to escape into the timestream. In Issue 40 Payne returned, and Kouin was fascinated and hoped to learn from his experiences with time travel.

Everlasting Peace

Dr. Kouin later called upon Dr. Light, Time Man, Flash Man, and Mega Man to help him adjust the tachyon flow of the Time Skimmer. The two doctors operated under the effects of Time Slow, which Kouin admitted was disconcerting, but also indicated that it was the only way to safely work on the machine. He also admitted to Dr. Light that their use of rubber gloves wouldn't help much with the tachyons, and was proven right when Dr. Light was hit with an energy surge that caused him to view visions of the future.

Short Circuits

Dr. Kouin appeared in the final Short Circuits in Issue 55 along with the rest of "The Comics Gang": Roslyn Krantz and Gilbert D. Stern, Drs. Pedro Astil and Noele Lalinde, Vesper Woman and Quake Woman, and Xander Payne.

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