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Dragon Blaster (ドラゴンブラスター Doragon Burasutā) is a sea dragon-like enemy Mechaniloid from Mega Man X7. There are several in Flame Hyenard's Lava Factory stage and three appear together as a sub-boss in Splash Warfly's Battleship stage. However, it is unnecessary (but recommended, as several rescuable Reploids are being guarded) to destroy any of the ones encountered in Hyenard's stage.


Dragon Blasters have the same attack behavior and health regardless of which stage they are encountered in. They attack by spitting two large fireballs in the players direction, then pausing briefly before attacking again. Their fireballs can be deflected with Zero's Z-Saber, but it is generally safer and more efficient to just dodge and then attack long-range with either X or Axl. Standard shot attacks are effective (especially X's charged Buster shot), as well as any special weapon with descent range and attack power.


Similar enemies


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