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Dragon Coins (ドラゴンコインズ) is a mobile phone game published by Sega for iOS and Android devices. It was released in Japan in 2012, and North America and Europe in May 2014. The game was successful in Japan, but was not as well received in Western regions. The game's service ended on April 27, 2015 in Japan[1] and on August 2015 outside Japan.

Rockman collaboration

In 2013, Dragon Coins featured a crossover event with Rockman Xover, with Rockman characters appearing in Dragon Coins from May 30 to June 6,[2] and Dragon Coins characters appearing as Battle Memory in Rockman Xover from June 3 to June 10.[3]

Dragon Coins featured a Rockman event and gacha. The event, named "Airman ga Taosenai", had battles against Metalls, Sniper Joes, Cut Man, Dust Man, and Air Man to obtain them. The gacha featured OVER-1, Rockman, Blues, Forte, Roll, and Zero.

Rockman characters

No.NameRarityCostAttributeSpeciesSkillLeader Effect
N 4LightHuman / Demi-Human Coin Line
554Metall +
N+ Hero Counter
555Sniper Joe
N 3PlantHuman / Demi-Human Coin Fall
556Sniper Joe +
N+ Hero Counter
557Dr. Wily
R 5DarkHuman / Demi-Human Plunder
558Dr. Wily +
R+ Hero Revenge
559Dr. Right
R 8LightHuman / Demi-Human Master Heal
560Dr. Right +
R+ Hero Care
R 10WaterHuman / Demi-Human All Power
562Roll +
R+ Macho Hero
563Cut Man
R 8FireHuman / Demi-Human Color Power
564Cut Man +
R+ Hero Strike
565Dust Man
R 7DarkHuman / Demi-Human Power Pusher
566Dust Man +
567Air Man
R 9PlantHuman / Demi-Human あいのムチ -
568Air Man +
R+ Toughness Hero
569Rockman Over-B
SR 11LightHuman / Demi-Human Combo God
570Rockman Over-1
SR+ Hero Gift
SR 12WaterHuman / Demi-Human All Storm
572Rockman +
SR+ Hero Rocket
SR 11NoneHuman / Demi-Human Synchro
574Zero +
SR+ Hero Evolve
SR 13FireHuman / Demi-Human End Pusher
576Blues +
SR+ Macho Hero
SR 12DarkHuman / Demi-Human Explosion
578Forte +
SR+ Hero Shower


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