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Dragon Poker (ドラゴンポーカー Doragon Pōkā), "DraPo" (ドラポ DoraPo) for short, is a freemium game from Asobism's Dragon series released in 2013 for iOS and Android in Japan.

The game had a Mega Man Battle Network collaboration in 2018 from March 26 to April 9 that focused on Mega Man Battle Network 3.[1] In 2019 the game had a Mega Man X collaboration from January 28 to February 10 that focused on Mega Man X2.[2][3]


Dragon Poker is a five players card game with Poker elements where the players enter a dungeon to fight enemies and a boss. Party members can start together to play the same stage. If no real players are available, CPU players will accompany the player until a real player is able to join, and the CPU will also replace players that left or were defeated.

Each player has a deck containing 13 cards. Except for the Ace, four cards must be of the same attribute (Fire, Water and Wood), and each card will be given a random rank (2 to K) in the beginning of the stage. In battle, each player draws four cards in their turn, and one must be selected within a time limit. If none is selected, a random card from the hand will be selected. The cards used by the players will form the hand. The better the hand, the stronger the attack from the selected cards. For example, a Straight Flush (five cards in order and with the same attribute) will be stronger, while weak combinations like One Pair will drop three of the cards from the attack. The turn is skipped if no combination is formed. Players can also bet money once per battle to gain extra money, use SP to use special abilities, like increase the chance of transforming enemies in cards and increasing the chance of the selected card activating its skill, and send messages to other players.

Besides regular and event dungeons, there are also the player vs. player modes Colosseum and Duel Match. Colosseum is a battle between five players. Duel Match has a different gameplay that contains Janken elements instead of Poker.

Cards can be enhanced to increase their strength and awakened to increase the maximum level. The higher their rarity, the stronger they can become. Extra cards can be obtained in the gacha, events, or other means. Many cards contain Skills that may activate during the battle. When the player reaches Level 30, cards in the deck can be attached with other cards for extra effects, which vary depending on their "Henchman Skill". At Level 150 all cards in the deck will be able to have sub cards attached. Each card contains a cost to be included in the deck, and their total can pass the limit. The cost from attached cards also count.

Mega Man characters


ImageNameElementSkillSupport Skill
Dragon Poker Rockman Rockman
Water Charge Shot
It's Morning, Netto-kun
Dragon Poker Rockman (Bug Style) Rockman (Bug Style)
Water Dark License
Bug Occurrence
Dragon Poker Rockman (Shadow Style) Rockman (Shadow Style)
Water Short Invisible
Invisible State
Dragon Poker Netto & Rockman Hikari Netto & Rockman
Water Rock Buster
Full Synchro
Dragon Poker Enzan & Blues Ijuuin Enzan & Blues
Fire Sonic Boom
Virus Busting S
Dragon Poker Meiru & Roll Sakurai Meiru & Roll
Fire Big Heart
Ever-Watching Childhood Friend
Dragon Poker Forte Forte
Fire Vanishing World
The World's Oldest Autonomous Navi
Dragon Poker Kero & Toadman Midorikawa Kero & Toadman
Wood Shocking Melody
Kero's Battle Report!
Dragon Poker Plantman Plantman
Wood Plant Weed
Leaf Shield
Dragon Poker Flameman Flameman
Fire Chaos Flame
Highest Class Fire Power
Dragon Poker Bubbleman Bubbleman
Water Bubble Parade
Cowardly Independent Navi
Dragon Poker Proto Proto
Fire Devil Hand
Erosion by Bugs
Dragon Poker Canodumb Canodumb
Fire Lock-on Bombardment
Fixed Turret Type Virus
Dragon Poker Metall Metall
Wood Shock Wave
Met Guard
Dragon Poker Machika (Serenade Ver) Machika (Serenade ver.)
(マチカ (セレナードver))
Wood Distractive Light Flowers
Little Nocturne

Rockman X

ImageNameAttributeSkillSupport Skill
Dragon Poker X X
Water X-Buster
To Worry, Think, and Act
Dragon Poker Ultimate Armor Ultimate Armor
Water Nova Strike
Forbidden Parts
Dragon Poker Zero Zero
Fire Double Charge Wave
Dragon Poker Black Zero (God) Black Zero
Fire Z-Saber
Zero Buster
Dragon Poker Axl Axl
Wood Axl Bullet
Dragon Poker VAVA VAVAWood Front Runner
Ride Armor
Dragon Poker Iris Iris
Water Heart wishing for peace
A world only for Repliroids
Dragon Poker Alia Alia
Fire Program Analysis
Dragon Poker Neo Sigma Neo Sigma
Wood Warp Assault
Former Commander of the 17th Elite Unit
Dragon Poker Sigma Virus (Dra) Sigma Virus
Wood Mechaniroid Summon
Program Virus
Dragon Poker Magne Hyakulegger Magne Hyakulegger
Fire Magnet Mine
Crimson Assassin
Dragon Poker Cristar Mymine Cristar Mymine
Water Crystal Hunter
Crystal Magician
Dragon Poker Wire Hetimarl Wire Hetimarl
Wood Strike Chain
Little Demon of the Green Forest



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