This article is about the Mega Man: Fully Charged character. For others, see Drill Man.
"The name is Drill Man! ... but I was born with music in my heart."
—Drill Man, Drilling Deep

Drill Man is a character from Mega Man: Fully Charged. His voice actor is Andrew McNee, who also voices Elec Man.


Drill Man resembles his original counterpart, but bulkier. Moreover, his face is built directly into his torso, and in addition to the three drills on his arms and head, Drill Man has two smaller drills on his shoulders and one on his back. The green circle under his eyes flashes while he is talking.


Drill Man was once an aspiring musician. He would play any instrument he could get his hands on, when he still had them. His father never approved of his recreational choices, forcing Drill Man into the family business, that being mining. Drill Man agreed to a temporary arrangement, but the family business was bought by a company and Drill Man was left as he was, being unable to play instruments without hands. With his dreams crushed and considering himself an embarrassment, Drill Man blamed his condition on Skyraisers Inc., the company that had bought his family business, and attacked it for the sake of revenge.


Having multiple drills on his body, Drill Man can tunnel underground to surprise his enemies. The drills also allow for powerful physical attacks. He cannot fire the Drill Bomb like he can in Mega Man 4. In License to Drill, Drill Man comes up with a plan to construct hundreds of drill-shaped high-rises, which he refers to as "Drillicon City". He then gives credit to his "anonymous benefactor". In This Is Not a Drill, Drill Man and his father fight each other with each others' drills.