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"There you go again! Blaming everything on me! First your hands, and now this!"
— Drill Man Senior, This Is Not a Drill

Drill Man Senior is a character from Mega Man: Fully Charged. He is Drill Man's father.


Drill Man Senior is shorter and fatter than Drill Man. He is a darker shade of red and has rounder drills (this is probably due to them being worn down, as Drill Man's flashbacks show that Senior's drills were pointy during Drill Man's childhood). All of Senior's drills are in the exact same placement as the drills on Drill Man. He has a yellow mustache piece beneath his eyes that flashes to indicate when he is talking, much like the green circular crystal on Drill Man's face.



Drill Man Senior is an overbearing father. He did not approve of Drill Man's interest in music and forced him to join the family business, replacing Drill Man's hands with drills so he could do digging work like the rest of his family. Despite Drill Man's obvious displeasure, Senior believes he did his son a favor and becomes irritated whenever Drill Man shows signs of resentment, which happens quite often.


Ability-wise, Senior is very similar to his son. He is able to tunnel underground and perform powerful close-range attacks with his drills just like Drill Man, even though his drills are more worn down than Drill Man's.


  • Senior's voice actor is Andrew Mcnee, who ironically also voices Drill Man himself.

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