Duo.EXE (デューオ Dyūo) is a massive, mysterious alien NetNavi who is alluded to in the second half of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess and appears in the next season as the main overall antagonist. It is eventually revealed that he was created on Earth in the distant past by an ancient civilization who felt their network was going down a dark path and Duo was made to maintain it, and was launched into space, his rocket becoming a “comet” (dubbed “Duo’s Comet”) that only those marked with his “Crest” could see. Evolving from his original purpose and seeing his creators and their civilization as evil, Duo eradicated all life on Earth from that time, becoming a “Cybernetic God” that travels the cosmos, analyzing and testing planets and civilizations to see if they are worthy, and destroying those he deems are not.

He has a harbinger called Slur.EXE, who distributes Asteroid Navis to enhance people’s greed to test humanity.


Duo is an emotionless NetNavi who only sees things as good or evil, eliminating planets and civilizations that he dubs evil and a threat to the universe indiscriminately. Despite this, brands thirteen people on current day Earth with his “Crest” and gives them a trial to prove that humanity deserves to continue on.


MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

Duo is unseen in Axess, but he probes, Dr. Regal and Ms. Yuri, allude to him, stating that he will be coming soon. This warning to to fruition in the next season, where Duo becomes the main overall antagonist of the season.

Rockman.EXE Stream



  • Duo.EXE’s personality is a stark contrast to his classic counterpart, who has shown to have a high level of compassion and justice in him, even to those like Bass who claims to only seek power and supremacy, whereas Duo.EXE sees the universe in black and white, simply deeming things as worthy and unworthy and destroying anything that he deems threatens the universe.

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