"Be my friend as in old times."
—Dynamo Man, Mega Man & Bass database

Dynamo Man (ダイナモマン Dainamoman) is one of the Robot Master from Mega Man & Bass.

Character History

Dynamo Man used to be a robot guide for schoolchildren on field trips through a power plant before his entry into King's army. When King modified him, Dynamo Man was given a power generator that created a powerful electric field around him. This both affected his programming (as the output was too much for his circuits to handle) and he was deemed unsafe for his job. As a result, people avoided him and Dynamo Man became resentful of their avoidance following his modifications (as he saw nothing wrong). Dynamo Man's main characteristic is that he can charge himself up with electricity to attack and refill his energy column. In addition to this, he also likes to use his Lightning Bolt Special Weapon to overwhelm and defeat his opponents upon sight. His stage is unlocked by defeating Astro Man.

Although he can be both doubtful and incredulous at times, Dynamo Man has a honest and straightforward personality and likes to work hard to his very best. In his spare time, he enjoys his private power generator in allowing him to stay fully charged so that he can work to his maximum capacity, but dislikes both social intercourse and disposition for the reasons as already mentioned above.


Frequently throughout the course of the match, Dynamo Man will dash back and forth across the room. He will also shoot out slow moving electric tendrils at different heights at the player, which must be avoided by jumping over them or sliding under them. Players using Bass have the option of destroying them (the one at about middle height can only be hit by Bass when the player shoots diagonally upwards in Dynamo Man's direction), but Mega Man lacks the fire rate to destroy them unless players are very quick.  

Dynamo Man can also create a ring of three electric balls around himself, which will orbit for some time before either being thrown at the player or sent into the ceiling (both outcomes will happen, so be prepared). Dynamo Man will then do his introductory move while attacking the player with his Lightning Bolt. This attack is very difficult to dodge as it covers the entire screen, so it is recommended to use Copy Vision to have Dynamo Man target the clone with the spheres before they are sent into the ceiling. Dynamo Man is also invulnerable while summoning Lightning Bolts, so the incentive to use Copy Vision is even greater. The number of Lightning Bolts he summons is equal to the number of electric orbs he sent into the ceiling beforehand, so keep track of the count.

Dynamo Man's last combat move is to jump to the other side of the room, leaving a "rainbow" of six electric spheres in his wake. These spheres will launch themselves at the player, one at a time, in no particular order. Again, Copy Vision clones can absorb the spheres to prevent the player from taking damage while at the same time pelting Dynamo Man with shots (he is not invincible during this time like he is in the previously mentioned move and will not try to regenerate himself until all the spheres have attacked).

Occasionally, Dynamo Man will jump up on a platform with electrodes on the sides that drops down in the middle of the room. He can charge himself with these, and it will restore his health (2HP per second with both electrodes attached, half that if only one is attached). To stop this attack, the player must destroy each side, but beware of standing under Dynamo Man as Bass, since he will drop directly down and possibly land on them. Wave Burner is the most effective weapon to destroy the generators quickly, though the Bass Buster's upward-aiming abilities can also counter this effectively.

Astro Man's Copy Vision is Dynamo Man's weakness, and producing a copy will cause Dynamo Man's electric spheres (for either his Lightning Bolt or "rainbow" move) to target the clone instead of the player. However, because the clone only shoots in one direction and uses a large amount of energy, some may find using the Mega Buster/Bass Buster to be easier, especially if one has the double-damage upgrade for Bass or the high-speed charge for Mega Man.


Mega Man & Bass CD data

Dynamo Man's CD data card

Stage enemies

Enemies in Dynamo Man's stage.

Damage Data Charts

Amount of damage in units that Dynamo Man receives from each Special Weapon in Mega Man & Bass.

Mega Man & Bass
Mega Buster Bass Buster Ice Wall Wave Burner Remote Mine Spread Drill Tengu Blade Magic Card Copy Vision Lightning Bolt Treble Boost
1:3 1:2 1 1 1 1:1:0 0:2 1 2 0 2
*Damage values listed assume the player does not have the "C. Attack" (Counter Attacker) item equipped and activated.
*For Bass Buster, the first number is when the weapon is fired normally; the second is when Super Buster is activated. Hyper Buster shares the same attack power as a standard Bass Buster shot.
*For Spread Drill, the first number is damage inflicted with the big drill; the second number is with the smaller drills; third number is with the tiny drills.
*For Tengu Blade, the first number is striking with the projectile or slash; second number is attacking with the dash.

Other media


In the manga Rockman & Forte, Dynamo Man, Magic Man and Pirate Man fight against Bass in King's fortress.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Dynamo Man appears in the Worlds Collide crossover event as part of the army of Robot Masters assembled to fight Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and their allies.



  • Part of Dynamo Man's stage music is very similar to the music played in the Manda Ruins in Mega Man Legends 2.
  • The early design of Dynamo Man is called "Coil Man" (コイルマン), drawn by Hitoshi Ariga. He has a belt with a W on it, and his shoulders and arms are different from the final version.
  • Dynamo Man, Pirate Man and Astro Man are the three Robot Masters from Mega Man & Bass to not have NetNavi counterparts.
  • Though Dynamo Man's artwork shows him smiling, he does not smile at all during the entire game, even when not in direct combat.
  • Dynamo Man looks similar to Heat Man from Mega Man 2.
  • In his brief appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog #250, Dynamo Man is shown firing electric bolts from his arm coil, though he never does so during his boss battle: all of his electric sparks and Lightning Bolts simply appear when he summons them and are not fired out of his coil or shot directly at the player.