EM Waves, known as Denpa (電波 lit. Radio Waves) in Japan, is the main concept of the Mega Man Star Force series, which all its events and occurrences were based on.


EM Wave basically means Electromagnetic Wave, which all EM Beings and EM technology is created by. Like all other electromagnetic waves, they travel at the speed of light. Beside the usual characteristics such as invisibility to naked human eyes and harmlessness towards organic matters, the EM Waves from the series differ greatly from the 21st century waves, as the technology is capable of storing and organizing them into specific traits with permanent stable forms, and without the generating process of energy mechanisms.

EM Wave however, better known for the capability of gaining an existence cognition as well as intellectual concepts, and further develop the capability to merge with a human being thus turns both in to an entirely new EM Wave being, having traits of both. This process is called EM Wave Change.


As such, the EM Wave has been used intensively in the timeframe between Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force series, parallel exists alongside but eventually replacing the Cyberworld which dominates the world's balance at the time being.

  • Wave Beings a.k.a. EM Beings: EM Waves are non-harmful to Humans, although a large exposure to it may lead to problems, and Human-made EM Beings, such as Acid can cause to their Human-counterpart to some damage while in the EM Wave Change. There are EM Beings who are relative to Earth, some from different planets, and some even Humans fused with EM Beings (most notably FM-ians).
  • Wave World: Roads created from the electromagnetic wave radiation emitted from electronic devices that allow EM Beings to travel from place to place at high speed. EM Beings can easily travel the Wave World via the Wave Roads and nearly every electronic device is connected to it.
  • Wave Materialization (Matter Wave/Real Wave): Matter Waves are special concentrations of Electromagnetic Waves that can actually form tangible objects which appear in Mega Man Star Force 2. Matter Waves are created and directed by Star Carriers, the terminals specific to the same game. They are succeeded by Real Waves in Mega Man Star Force 3.
  • EM Wave Change: During EM Wave Change, the human becomes part of the wave world, and is thus subject to the same rules as other EM beings. The EM being is then able to give its powers to its compatible human, and the human is able to use Battle Cards as actual weapons.