EX Skills menu in Mega Man Zero 3

EX Skill (EXスキル EX Sukiru) is the collective name for the set of skills Zero learns from bosses in the Mega Man Zero series.

Zero's EX Skills

Introduced in Mega Man Zero 2, there are a few differences regarding this set compared to those skills Zero learned in the Mega Man X series. To learn these skills, Zero must defeat a boss at rank A or S (Mega Man Zero 2 and 3) or with a weather favorable to the boss (Mega Man Zero 4). Zero has the option to toggle them on or off as needed. Buster Shot skills can only be used one at a time, due in part to all of them being modifications to the charge shot and, in the second and third games, requiring the appropriate Element Chip in order to use.

Mega Man Zero 2

EX SkillBoss
Buster Shot
Blast ShotFighting Fefnir
Laser ShotHyleg Ourobockle
Spark ShotPanter Flauclaws
Triple ShotPoler Kamrous
Z Saber
SengatotsuKuwagust Anchus
Sharp Edge (Rakuretsuzan)Fairy Leviathan
TenshouzanPhoenix Magnion
KougenjinSage Harpuia
Shield Boomerang
Filter ShieldRainbow Devil MK2
Chain Rod
Energy ChainBurble Hekelot

Mega Man Zero 3

EX SkillBoss
Buster Shot
Blizzard ArrowBlizzack Staggroff R
Burst ShotBlazin' Flizard
Reflect LaserCopy X MK. II
V-ShotVolteel Biblio
Gale Attack (Reppuugeki)Tretista Kelverian
Saber Smash (Rakusaiga)Hellbat Schilt
Split Heavens (Tenretsujin)Hanumachine R
Throw Blade (Zan'eidan)Childre Inarabitta
Shield Boomerang
Orbit ShieldGlacier Le Cactank
Shield SweepAnubis Necromancess V
Recoil Rod
1000 SlashDeathtanz Mantisk
Soul LauncherCubit Foxtar

Mega Man Zero 4

EX SkillBoss
Buster Shot
Burning ShotSol Titanion
Ice JavelinTech Kraken
Time StopperPopla Cocapetri
Tractor ShotMino Magnus
Ice Blade (Hyougetsujin)Fenri Lunaedge
Flame Fang (Shouenga)Heat Genblem
Sky Chaser (Tsuibangeki)Noble Mandrago
Thunder Stab (Buraitotsu)Pegasolta Eclair


The name EX Skill also refers to the extra attack used by bosses when Zero fights against them with a Rank A or higher. Most of these bosses' EX Skills are the basis for Zero's own versions.

In Mega Man Zero 4, the Einherjar Eight Warriors only use their EX Skill if the weather from their stage is favorable to them. Other bosses, including the rematch against the eight warriors in the final stage, follow the same requirement from previous games.

List of boss EX Skills

BossEX SkillDescription
Mega Man Zero
Aztec FalconLightning Fall
Aztec Falcon falls to the center of the room and electrifies the floor.
Maha GaneshariffTusk Boomerang
Maha detaches his tusks and flings them in Zero's direction like boomerangs.
Hittite HottaidLast Battalion
A Pantheon appears from the hatch after all other machine parts are destroyed, attacks Zero with Arm Cannon bursts, grenades, and by using a gun that can traps Zero in a destructible cage.
Pantheon CoreBrain Pressure
The Pantheon Core will slowly move forward to smash Zero while attacking with the flamethrower and 1 or 2 of the floor segments rising up.
Guard OroticCore Vulcan
Orotic will shoot several bullets from its core.
Anubis Necromancess IIIDead Cane
Anubis makes his cane spin across the ground.
Blizzack StaggroffDouble Blizzard
Blizzack uses his turbine arms attack, but instead of conjuring snow that impairs Zero's jumps, he conjures four icicles that attempt to impale Zero.
Hanumachine"Senkon Enbu"
Hanumachine extends his staff and strikes after charging up energy.
Asura BasuraHell Juggler
Asura Basura juggles with his swords.
Herculious AnchusAll Range Attack
Herculious goes to the center of the screen, outstreches his arms, and shoots four bullets in Zero's direction.
Rainbow DevilNightmare Blow
A punch that can send Zero flying across the room.
Sage HarpuiaThunder Prison Two floating bits appear on each side of the screen to summon electricity down below as a tornado attempts to push Zero into it.
Fighting FefnirMeteor Rain 12 shots are fired upward which rain down in an increasingly outward fashion.
Fairy LeviathanSpirit of the Ocean Leviathan briefly charges, before unleashing an ice dragon that will track Zero until it is destroyed.
Hidden Phantom

Oboromai Tsuki Mu


"Moonless Hazy Dance")

The entire background goes black and Phantom becomes completely invisible. Periodically he will fire kunai at Zero's position, and Zero can strike him by attacking the location from which the kunai came, which will not end the effect.
Copy X(first form)
Raging EX Charge
Summons a large aura that recovers one full health gauge and temporary immunity to all attacks.
(second form)
Giga Punisher
Constantly slams both spiked platforms down simultaneously in a pattern.

BossEX SkillDescription
Mega Man Zero 2
Hyleg OurobockleJoint Laser
Altoloid shoots laser from its crystals.
Poler KamrousWall Crush
Poler Kamrous creates a wall of ice, then destroys it, sending ice fragments across the room.
Phoenix MagnionRising Flame
Phoenix Magnion turns a fiery, transparent gold, then rushes at Zero. If his attack connects Zero will be dragged in midair while Phoenix Magnion vanishes, reappearing an instant later with a rising sweep.
Panter FlauclawsTail Spark
Panter Flauclaws sends an electric current through the train (platform in rematch) he's standing on.
Kuwagust AnchusSpinning Blade
Kuwagust Anchus forces Zero back with a gust from his spinning pincers, then charges at him, leaving a trail of electric sparks behind him.
Burble HekelotEnergy Tongue
Burble Hekelot tries to latch his tongue around Zero, leeching his life force to replenish his own, and grow in size.
Fighting FefnirHell Fire Creates fire pillars which erupt from the ground in an alternating fashion.
(Armed Phenomenon)
Fire Wave
After a brief charge, he attacks with a burst of three fire shots while the cannon moves up and down, alternating the projectile heights.
Fairy LeviathanTornado Spear Leviathan will summon a tornado that will try and suck in Zero whilst sending spears flying around the room.
(Armed Phenomenon)
Crazy Dance
Sage HarpuiaSuper Sonic Boom Harpuia flies to the top of the stage and fires large grey crescent shaped slashes down on Zero.
(Armed Phenomenon)
Magnet Typhoon
Rainbow Devil MK-IIBody Hardening The Rainbow Devil will stop changing colors into a dark grey making it immune to all attacks and begins stomping towards Zero. Each step it takes will cause a block to fall from the ceiling.
Elpizo(first form)
Grand Burst
Elpizo gets surrounded in a shadowy aura that renders him invincible. He sends his rapier spinning into the air, blasting a huge, blue column into the ground and spitting rocks in all directions.
(second form)
The winged segments light up randomly, sending out golden proton blasts that home in on Zero.

BossEX SkillDescription
Mega Man Zero 3
Blazin' FlizardFear Sprinkler
Blazin' Flizard jumps to the center of the room and fires a spray of fireblasts with his spinning frill in a set pattern.
Childre InarabittaSuper Ear Shot
Childre Inarabitta launches a giant blade of glowing energy at Zero from his ears.
Hellbat SchiltLaser Creeper
Schilt hangs from the ceiling and warps around in one of three places at random, firing three electric beams from his ears that turn into three energy balls that crawl across the room.
Deathtanz MantiskRock Breaker
Deathtanz Mantisk shoots energy blasts into the ceiling, causing a large chunk of it to fall down, which he slashes apart, launching pieces at Zero.
Anubis Necromancess VSpin Crawler Anubis Necromancess makes his cane spin across the ground.
Hanumachine RHonoo Noboru Enbu Hanumachine spins his staff with both ends ablaze and jumps up to strike.
Blizzack Staggroff RDouble Blizzard Similar to his EX Skill in Mega Man Zero, but instead he not only summons ice spikes to impale Zero, but an ice spiked wall is formed in the wall of the stage. The wall spikes do not instantly kill Zero if touched.
Copy X MK. IIReflect Laser The screen darkens a little bit, and he fires a powerful shot that bounces off walls.
Cubit Foxtar"Hi Ame"
(火雨, "Fire Rain")
Cubit Foxtar jumps to the center of the room and launches two sets of flames into the air, which drop to the floor.
Volteel BiblioV Laser
Volteel Biblo repeatedly sends out two electric beams from his tails.
Glacier Le CactankIce Carnival
Glacier le Cactank spins one of his mace arms around several times, launching icicles in all directions.
Tretista KelverianLaser Claw
Tretista Kelverian drops a large crate on the ground, then generates a large laser blade from his claw, and rushes forward to destroy it.
Hidden Phantom "Sumizome Kyūyō"
While the area is dark, Phantom appears above Zero and releases three kunai.
While the area is dark, Phantom dashes and throws three shuriken.
Omega (Zero form) Ranbu (乱舞, "Wild Dance") Omega lunges at Zero and performs an unblockable 7-hit combo.

BossEX SkillDescription
Mega Man Zero 4
Heat Genblem"Kami Age Ken"
A flaming uppercut that sends fireballs across the room.
Tech KrakenIce Javelin
Kraken will release two energy balls that fire ice javelins in unique trajectory.
Pegasolta EclairThunder Blast
Pegasolta lunges at Zero surrounded by electric energy.
Noble MandragoSpinning Root
Mandrago flies to the top of the room spinning, and then homes in on Zero before falling back down.
Sol TitanionBurning Meteor/Neo
Charges up a fiery sphere then fires it at Zero, exploding on contact, sending flaming butterflies flying. Size of sphere depends on weather.
Fenri LunaedgeWhite Fang
Sends two large ice waves, one from the floor, another from the ceiling.
Mino MagnusMagnetic Slugger
Creates a magnetic sphere, which is followed by one of two attacks:

  • The ball hovers over Zero and pulls damaging garbage out of the ground beneath it, eventually forming a large cube that drops to the ground. Magnus leaps and chops this cube in half, sending blocks of debris across the floor and into the walls where they shatter into more debris.
  • The ball is released to the side of the arena opposite Magnus and returns to him while gathering garbage. Magnus swings at this block of trash like a baseball, sending two blocks of garbage through the air and shattering on impact into showers of debris.
Popla CocapetriDevil Eye
Flies to the top center of the room and freezes everything in place. Cocapetri will then scatter bombs to the floor.
Craft(first encounter)
Mega Beam Sweep
Craft jumps into the air and fires his cannon at a 45 degree angle, sweeping across the battlefield. Can be cancelled by hitting Craft with a jumping slash.
(second encounter)
End of the World
Craft points his cannon straight down and opens fire on the ground, propelling him with enough force to stay suspended mid-air. From above, the side compartments of Craft's cannon snap open firing a three-wave missile salvo from both sides.
Randam BandamParticle Shot The side turrets light up and fire a pair of circling energy ball projectiles in all four directions, each ricocheting off into two bunches of energy balls, one red and one blue. The attack is fired five times across the room in a distinct pattern: down, left and right, up, left and right again, and finally, down again.
CyballParallel Laser Cyball's core turns pink, and then fires laser blasts straight ahead, while the two energy shooters on the side of the room it stopped on also turn pink and fire additional laser blasts.
Dr. Weil (first form)Enemy Inferno Neo Summon all of the Weil's Numbers uninterrupted.
Death PrismSummon a hexagonal-shaped ice block with pointy edges and splits it into three smaller homing prisms.
Dr. Weil (second form)Unnamed Fires a spherical object that continuously releases spike projectiles alternating in a plus (+) and cross (x) manner.


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