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Earth Dragon, known as Tsubo Ryū (ツボリュウ lit. "Vase Dragon") in Japan, is a virus in the Mega Man Battle Network series that resemble a dragon. They only appear in Mega Man Battle Network 6.

Haunted Candle Family


ErthDrgn1 exe6 Earth Dragon (ツボリュウ Tsubo Ryū) is a red dragon with Fire element.


ThdrDrgn1 exe6 Thunder Dragon (ライリュウ Rai Ryū) is a yellow dragon with Elec element.


WatrDrgn1 exe6 Water Dragon (スイリュウ Sui Ryū) is a blue dragon with Aqua element.


WoodDrgn1 exe6 Wood Dragon (モクリュウ Moku Ryū) is a brown dragon with green flames. It is of the Wood element.


WhiteDrgn1 exe6 White Dragon (ハクリュウ Haku Ryū) is a white dragon.


BlackDrgn1 exe6 Black Dragon (コクリュウ Koku Ryū) is a black dragon.

Virus Stats by Game

Mega Man Battle Network 6

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Battle Chips

Deleted viruses from the Earth Dragon family leave the Battle Chips Heat Dragon (ヒートドラゴン), Elec Dragon (エレキドラゴン), Aqua Dragon (アクアドラゴン), and Wood Dragon (ウッドドラゴン). When used, a dragon appears and attacks the row with the closest enemy and the row behind.

IDBattle ChipDescriptionDamageElementCodesSizeRarity
Standard Chip 123BN6Chip123HeatDrgn Drgn near clst enmy Hit 2 rows140BC Element Heat Fire G,R,T40 MB***
Standard Chip 124BN6Chip124ElecDrgn Drgn near clst enmy Hit 2 rows150BC Element Elec Elec A,L,V40 MB***
Standard Chip 125BN6Chip125AquaDrgn Drgn near clst enmy Hit 2 rows120BC Element Aqua Aqua H,P,S44 MB****
Standard Chip 126BN6Chip126WoodDrgn Drgn near clst enmy Hit 2 rows130BC Element Wood Wood G,T,V48 MB****
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