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Yamato Man

Earth Erasure
Rockman.EXE Stream episode 2
Air date October 9, 2004 (Japan)
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Threat of the Asteroid
Opening Theme Be Somewhere
Ending Theme Doobee Doowop Communication

Earth Erasure (地球抹殺 Chikyū Massatsu) is the 2nd episode of the Rockman.EXE Stream anime. It features the debut of Slur.EXE, Charlie Airstar, Dingo, Jasmine, Barrel, Tesla Magnets, and Duo.EXE as well as the return of Princess Pride, who has not been seen since the first season. This is the last appearance of the Gospel Leader body.


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Having defeated Rockman, Forte attempts to steal his Ultimate Program but Blues arrived just in time to prevent that from happening. Knowing how strong Forte is, Blues set up a distraction, allowing him to grab Rockman and escape. However, Forte easily catch up to them. Since Blues also had a Ultimate Program, Forte targets him as well. Rockman wakes up to see Forte grabbing Blues by the neck and fires his Buster at him but Forte easily deflects the shots back at him. Netto and Enzan arrives just in time to help their Navis. Rockman transform into Blues Soul and the two of them are be able to force Forte to retreat.

Netto and Enzan head to Ministry of Science to inform them about Wily's message and about the can he gave them. Upon further inspection, Meijin is able to safely announce that the can isn't a bomb. When the can was open, all they found was Wily bragging about WWW's former glory. In the meeting room, everyone discuss their plan on how to defeat Duo. Netto suggest that they used the same way Meijin sent Rockman to the Lunar Base during the PlanetMan incident to send Rockman and Blues to Duo's comet. Everyone agrees to the plan and heads to the Space Center. Before the duo can plug in their Navis, Forte arrived in Gospel Leader's body and plugs in himself. As he is approaching to the comet, something was sent from the comet and is heading towards Forte. Inside the hyper route, Forte was suddenly attacked by a mysterious being.

Once Forte is dealt with, the being introduced herself to be Slur, Duo's subordinate. Slur confirms to the humans that Duo is indeed here to erase Earth when she is attacked by Forte. With most of the machine in the control room damaged, there is no way to send Rockman and Blues to the comet. Just then, reports of giant viruses appearing around the world was received. With time running short, Commissioner Kifune request that a Dimensional Area is put around the Space Center to prevent the viruses from attacking. Meanwhile, the viruses begin wrecking havoc around the world with a few people witnessing the attacks including Raika, a helicopter pilot, a boy with aboriginal origins, a young girl from Choina, a war veteran on wheelchair, Princess Pride, a rich woman and Meiru and the rest of Netto's friends. The battle between Forte and Slur continues but in the end, Slur is able to defeat her opponent and sends him deep into the Uranet.

Once the Dimensional Area has been activated, Netto and Enzan perform Cross Fusion and defeat the viruses attacking the Space Center. Suddenly, the two of them find themselves teleported into space where they watch a planet similar to Earth being destroyed. The planet is revealed to be Duo's homeplanet which he destroyed after its technology was being misused. Duo reveals himself to the heroes and was surprised to see two human/Navi hybrids. The heroes tells him about Cross Fusion and their duty to protect the Earth and threatens Duo to leave. Duo however wanted to test the humans further and see how powerful Cross Fusion really is. To this, he gave Netto a crest on his hand before sending them back to Earth. At the same time, he removed the viruses around the world and reversed the damaged that had been done.

Netto and Enzan find themselves back on Earth with Netto being able to see Duo's Comet while Enzan couldn't. Meanwhile, Dr. Hikari realize that the can Wily gave him contains microscopic blue prints on it that give them the plans to build a Dimensional Generator which will surely help them in future Cross Fusion battles. While the adults wonder what is Wily's true intentions for helping them, the scene shifts to Wily who wanted to prevent the Earth from being destroyed so he could enjoy his life longer.


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This episode was released on 1th volume of the anime in Japan on DVD.