Geo's house in Echo Ridge.

Echo Ridge, known as Kodama Town (コダマタウン Kodama Taun) in Japan, is a location from the MegaMan Star Force series. It appears to be the future ACDC Town or at least designed to be an allusion of it. The school is still there, although it's now known as Echo Ridge Elementary. Lan Hikari's doghouse remains and Higsby's chip shop is now Big Wave.

Echo Ridge is the home of Geo Stelar, Hope Stelar, Kelvin Stelar, Bud Bison, Zack Temple, Luna Platz and her parents, Chase Winde among others. It's a small, probably suburban town, and may also have a humid, tropical climate as Geo has never seen snow in his life until the second game. In MegaMan Star Force 2, there are some new features, but some were lost as well, most notably access to the school and Vista Point.



  • In StarForce 2, the roads have been changed.
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